Angela and Jeremy

Where to Propose in In front of our cities huge Christmas tree

How We Met

We met all the way back in sixth grade. We dated for a few months and broke up, we were kids! We remained friends then went our separate ways after high school. I joined the Navy and he stayed back home. We both ended up getting married and each of us had a kid. We both got divorced shortly after. I got out of the military 10 years later and we started hanging out again when I moved back home. We were finally adults and realized how much we truly loved each other. We had a kid of our own and bought a house. We went out to bring in the new year with some friends.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In front of our cities huge Christmas tree

How They Asked

One of his friends is a professional photographer and wanted to take some pictures of the Christmas tree downtown. I want him to succeed so I agreed to wait around and watch him. He ended up asking if he could take our pictures by the tree and I thought, sure, we could use some good pictures of us! That’s when he got down on one knee and proposed to me. After 3 years of dating and having talked about not getting married I never expected it. I was beyond excited to scream YES, after I asked him several times if he was serious and sure he wanted to marry me!

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