Angela and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met our freshman year of college. I was on the dance team and he was the basketball manager. When I was dancing on the side lines he would always flirt with me and I was clueless. Jared waited for the timing to be perfect before he began to date me. When he originally asked me to be his girlfriend I told him to wait another month. Good thing he is patient! After a month Jared asked me to be his girlfriend at a park overlooking Fort Worth on Dec 19, 2012.

how they asked

On March 19th I said yes to marry my best friend, Jared Patrick Darnell. Jared and I have been dating for a little over 4 years and you could say I was eager to get engaged…ok, maybe a little more than eager. Jared and I have completely opposite personalities. I am a planner and he is more laid back, so in my head Jared had not planned a thing for a proposal little did I know…

Jared and I often do photoshoots for our fashion blogs (mine and his) with our awesome photographer Margo. I’ve know Margo since I was in 5th grade, not only is she my blog photographer but a long time friend. Jared told me a couple weeks ago to block this date off because we were going to do a blog shoot. I thought nothing of it!

This was the perfect plan, I would be dressed nice, my hair, make up and nails would be done so he didn’t have to do any secret prep work. When choosing locations for blog pictures we normally just drive around until we feel inspired. On our last outfit Jared said he had a location in mind and it was park.

We drove and drove and drove and passed several parks. I knew something was up because he was driving like maniac and Jared is normally a great drive but I didn’t have a clue what was about to come.

Jared and I have a special spot in at the edge of Fort Worth that overlooks Lake Worth and Fort Worth. When we drove up I said “Oh I think this our spot!” and he said “Is it?”. We got out of the car and Margo had me “test the light” as Jared was getting the ring.

We walked up to our special spot and Jared got down on one knee and said “Angela Michelle Taylor, will you marry me?” I don’t really remember exactly what I said next because I was in shock but according to Margo I said I responded with “baaabee, yes!”

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Following the proposal, we took more pictures and relished in the moment. I was still shock, but Jared was so sweet and had pictures in mind and had everything planned out including the “I said yes” sign. Every girl dreams of how their future husband will propose and this was better than I could ever dream of.

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After the proposal, we went to Jared’s parents house to celebrate with our family and closest friends. We had more food than anyone could eat, a photo booth, yard games and lots of fun and just a few tears of joy.

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Special Thanks

Margo Beck
 | Margo Dawn Photography