Angela and Giancarlo


How We Met

Just your typical Scranton love story ..

One day, my best guy friend said I was going to date his friend once he started his freshmen year at Scranton. I told my friend he was crazy for thinking I would date an 18-year-old freshman…The 2012 school year began with Barstool Blackout announcing they were coming to the University of Scranton. So, I had to get a full neon outfit for the event at the Steamtown Mall. Luckily, Gian also needed a full neon outfit and we went shopping with a group of our friends.We spent the next weekends studying in the library (partying at 1016 vine) together. Two months later, I was officially crazy and dating an 18-year-old freshman!

How They Asked

Gian and I were on our way to dinner with his family to celebrate his cousin’s birthday. On the car ride there, I talked about how amazing the year was ever since the Eagle’s won the Superbowl! When we got to the restaurant I was rushed outside by Gian and his mom. As I hugged his family, Angela by the Lumineers played on the speakers. Gian came outside and asked me to go for a walk with him. We walked out to the golf course where he popped the question. After saying yes, I asked, “but what about my family?” Gian told me to turn around and look. The best moment of my life was seeing our families together cheering loudly and my nephew running up to us.

As I hugged Gian’s mom, she told me the diamond on the ring belongs to her mother. I only cried twice that year .. Superbowl and this moment.

Almost two years later and we are postponing our wedding in Spain. What is meant to be, will be and that day (whenever it is) will be as beautiful as our marriage.


Our Video

Special Thanks

Emily Bellone
 | Photographer