Angela and Drew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Berg Eltz Castle, Germany

How We Met

In 2013, Drew and I had a psychology class together at the local community college. We sat two people away from each other and yet we never talked, aside from in group projects. I remember thinking how cute he was and how I wished we had talked more. In the summer of 2015, Drew came up to me at a local bar. He brought up our psychology class and we reminisced a bit. We ended up talking every day after that and started dating on July 5th of that year!

how they asked

We had been planning a trip to Europe for months to visit my brother. I knew that we would be spending our three year anniversary in Paris (July 5th) and was really thinking that Drew would pop the question on that day of our trip. We started our trip off in Germany and on our third day there we visited a gorgeous, historic castle (Berg Eltz). We toured the castle and as we were leaving Drew asked my mom to take a picture of us with the castle in the background. It’s funny because Drew HATES pictures yet I didn’t suspect a thing. As we were taking the picture, Drew says “this is romantic” and I replied with “yes, it sure is”.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Berg Eltz Castle, Germany

He looks at me and says “well, it’s about to get even more romantic” and pulls the ring out. I absolutely lost it at this point and could barely get it together. My mom was snapping pictures while people ooed and awed in the background. It was the most magical moment and three months later I am still amazed by that day. I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

Special Thanks

Jamie Mason
 | Photographer