Angela and Dane

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How We Met

Dane and I first met in summer of 2012 but it was a very brief encounter. Little did I know I was looking at my future husband in passing. Fast forward to October of 2012 when we both attended a mutual friend’s Halloween party. I was dressed as a ladybug and he was Brian from Family Guy. I attended the party with intentions of just having some fun with friends but when I laid eyes on Dane and started talking to him I knew there was something special about him and I just had to know more. I had never been very assertive but that night I gave him my number. The following Sunday I was at our friend’s house again and told her to let him know to “put my number to use”. He texted me the next day and the rest is history. We have not gone a single day without talking. In November, after we finally got the opportunity to go on an actual “date”, Dane asked me to be his girlfriend. In December of 2013, we decided to move in together and continue our journey.

how they asked

Dane had gotten me tickets to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway in Downtown Detroit for Valentines Day. The show was not until May but I was so excited. I was in the play Beauty and the Beast in high school and I always have loved the story so needless to say I was really looking forward to the play. As the months passed, Dane asked if I wanted to make a whole day out of it so we made dinner reservations at a fancier restaurant in the area. I didn’t think too much of it because I assumed this was just part of my Valentines gift and we were going to treat ourselves. We don’t often get the opportunity to dress up and have a date night so we jumped on it! The day started perfectly at a local breakfast spot followed by arriving to the Fox Theatre to find a perfect parking spot right out front which can be hard to come by. The whole day was just so awesome down to the little girl stopping me at the show to tell me how beautiful I looked and she just loved my outfit. We went to dinner at The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) after the show and then had plans to head over to my mom’s house since she told me she was having a few people over. Dane told me we needed to go get his sister from their mom’s house first so I just went with it. I knew something was up the minute we pulled in the driveway and I noticed his sister’s car was there (she lives out of town). Next thing I know I look over and see the porch decorated so beautifully with candles and roses everywhere with a rose petal trail leading to the steps. Dane lead me to the rock garden area where he proceeded to propose. His sister had set up camera phones (yes, multiple phones to ensure it got recorded without incident) in the window to capture the whole proposal. His other sister was hiding behind the deck taking pictures of us. The whole set up was just absolutely perfect and so well thought out. There were 10 dozen roses, lights strung, and more decorations than I can even recall. I could only describe it as a scene from the Bachelorette. After the proposal we went to my mom’s house where some of our closest family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us! Now we are planning our wedding which will take place on our 5th anniversary.

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