Angela and Colin

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How We Met

I met Colin in our church’s college group, we had met each other a year before we actually started to become interested in one another. Fast forward I am in my 3rd year of college, and he is in his second year, it was the summer of 2012 that I began to notice him. He was smoking hot, extremely adorable and goofy, so obviously it was love at first sight…for me. I had a die hard crush on him since the beginning of June of 2012, and he had no idea. Our college group was going on a retreat to Oxnard,CA, and I was excited to get the chance to get to know him better, little did I know my plans were going to shrivel up and die. He carpooled in a car full of attractive blonde girls, that all were single, I thought there was no hope, but I was praying that things would be different. The whole weekend he was preoccupied with a friend of mine, that was single, and I was sure that he was going to ask her out so at that point I gave up. I decided to get over him, but then when college registration opened up, I signed up for a class with him and my girlfriends. I figure I could woo him one last time.

We started to get to know each other better every Monday for our night class, messaging each other on facebook and posting ridiculous and hilarious cat videos and gifs on our facebook walls. Then one weekend before church he took my phone and put his number in there! Finally! I was convinced it was going to happen, he was , but days went by and no text or phone call. The next weekend he went on a camping trip with the infamous summer blonde and other friends of his, it was clear as day that this was not love at first sight. I finally decided that I was going to just let it go, I called my friend one Wednesday night, and cried my eyes out to her saying I was done, that I was going to be just friends. She couldn’t talk for too long, because she was serving in her Jr. High ministry, and Colin was there.

Little did I know, that she had talked to Colin earlier that night at church, and he asked her if I was interested in him so he could ask me out, she obviously confirmed, but told me on the phone that I was an idiot for thinking he didn’t like me. That very same Friday I was trying to make plans with friends, and decided I was going to be a big girl and text Colin and invite him to hang out, “we are just friends” I thought to myself. He told me he was working an event at the church, but I was welcome to hang out with him at work. So I brought my friend, Laura, with me, and she drove us to church. As we hung out through the night things were different, and awkward. I ignored it, but my friend Laura told me later that he was nervous. The night was almost over and Laura had left to go home and Colin and I were waiting for our ride to finish locking up the church facilities.

As we walked around the church parking lot we shared our testimonies, our aspirations and fun facts, it was magical, but a nightmare all at once. I knew he wasn’t going to ask me out so it pained me to like this guy the more I got to know him. We were about to head home until Colin pulled me aside and asked me out for the first time, I of course said, “yes…” trying to keep my cool, and we celebrated with some cupcakes I made for him that day. We dated for three and a half years since that point. October 13,2012.


how they asked

I gave my fiance, Colin, specific requests as to what meant the most to me for our engagement day. I gave him a list of my best girlfriends, Emily, Alyssa, Megan, Destyni, Laura, Kate, Vianca, and Alison, and said these people need to be there, and obviously we needed to have to have an after party afterwards. I didn’t know how he would pull it off with our friends being so busy, but I surrendered all the planning to him. It all started in the middle of March, my fiance and I play in our church’s worship team, and we are also High School leaders. We were scheduled on the weekend of April 9&10th to play for the church service and we also had a leaders meeting for the high school ministry so it would be a jammed packed weekend, but before I put them on our calendar and accepted the request, I usually ask Colin if we have plans that weekend. Lately we have had a lot of birthday dinners, and random plans that I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. So one random day after work, I asked him if we were free to do these things, and he told me he already had it handled and that was my first sign of warning.

Colin is great and spontaneous, but he is not always the best at organizing, so the fact that he was so ready for this weekend had me all sorts of confused. He brought up later that he wanted to go on a date with me to L.A., and that he wanted to treat me to a day of adventuring to all the coffee shops I have been meaning to try, on the 9th of April. He asked if that was alright, and I thought it was a great idea, but Colin also hates visiting L.A. randomly, so again I was all sorts of suspicious and confused, but I brushed it off and tried to give him the credit of a thoughtful boyfriend.

The weeks passed, and we were getting closer to our L.A. date and I was getting excited. Then came the first week of April, I had plans with my best friend, Emily, we were going to a terrarium workshop our friend hosted. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we were catching up on life, she was asking how I was doing with waiting for marriage and I was sharing with her it was hard. The workshop was almost over, and we were checking our phones, and before I realize it I look up, and see she is nearly in tears.

She then stared at me and I asked her “what?” and she said “I can’t tell you.” Right then and there, began more of my suspicions. The week went on and things got weirder, I work as the receptionist of our church and Colin’s best friend is the Facilities manager, usually we talk at work when we see each other, but he wouldn’t even look at me when he came to work. My other best friend, Alyssa, began texting me and asking me if I wanted to come over and have a sleepover after my day in LA, and I started to get confused, I was so convinced I was going to get engaged that saturday. In my head I thought “Isn’t she supposed to be at the engagement? Did Colin forget to talk to her?” I figured that if Colin said it would be ok to go to the sleepover then it would give me an answer to my suspicions. I immediately texted him and got no response, which was normal, because he was at work so I waited until I saw him, at our high school small group that Wednesday night.

I called my close friend, Alison, and told her that I was suspicious, I figure she would know if I was getting engaged, she had to fly out from Texas to get to California, she must know! She told me she wasn’t coming to California that week, and she didn’t know what the update was on my engagement so that threw me off. Later that night I was able to ask him again in person, and he gave me the green light, he was more than excited that I had a sleepover with my friends, which crushed my heart. We headed to my mom’s apartment to hang out for a bit, and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I started crying and telling him that I thought that he was going to propose, but then I told him how impossible it was because my friends were having a sleepover, and our friends would also be at a leaders meeting so there was no way they would all have the time to be there, and I knew that if my friends weren’t available then it wasn’t happening.

The week went on and I had accepted that I wasn’t getting engaged anytime soon, I was trusting in God’s perfect plan and I was ready to just go to L.A. and adventure with my boyfriend. I had a coffee date, with my best friend, Emily, Saturday morning before my L.A. date. We decided she would pick me up and carpool to a San Clemente coffee shop, but she was driving her mom’s 8 seat Honda Pilot. She explained as I got in that her car had ran out of gas, so she switched cars for the morning, so I figured it was normal. An hour after our meeting my other best friend, Alyssa, “surprised” us and came to hang out with us, but I distinctly remember her cancelling on me earlier that week, because she was feeling sick with the workload. We hung out for a bit, but she had to leave for her nail appointment and invited us girls to go with her. I had planned to go with Colin so he could hang out with me, and we planned that we were gonna head to L.A. after. I text him to see if it was alright and he was more than happy to get out of that, so we all went. After we finished at the nail salon, we “ran into” my friend Megan who was studying at the starbucks next door, she lives at Biola, so I never get to spend time with her, so we all decided to get lunch since we were all starving. I texted Colin to make sure, and he told me he had some errands to run, before we went to L.A. so he didn’t mind. Emily decided to just carpool us all, so we all piled into Emily’s mom’s car, and headed to get food in Newport. After lunch we were walking to Emily’s car and “ran into” my other friends Destyni and Laura, who were looking up directions to go to Portola in Costa Mesa. Almost immediately Emily said she wanted coffee again, so she invited them to pile into her car and she would drive them back to their cars. I kept texting Colin throughout the day asking if it was alright, because who runs into their favorite people all day? So we headed to coffee, and then “ran into” Kate and Vianca, who were just catching up over some coffee, it was normal to me, so I didn’t question it. I was ready to head to L.A., but didn’t want to be rude, so I waited to see what the girls decided to do, so Emily suggested we all head to her house. Emily suggested we all carpool again and promised the girls they would get a ride back, so we all piled into her car again. At least point you must be thinking, “Weren’t you suspicious at this point?,” of course I was, but I had convinced myself earlier in the week that it was not going to happen so I believed it wasn’t. As Emily was heading toward her house on the freeway, she “somehow” ended up taking the wrong freeway, the girls were all helping with directions, and I was on my phone texting Colin, so I didn’t realize where we were heading. Sooner or later, we ended up on the street where Colin’s sister lives, in Orange Circle. My friend asked if she could use the restroom and begged me to text Annika, Colin’s sister, to see if it was alright. She immediately let us in, and was casually dressed, so I figured she wasn’t planning on going out that night, clearly I wasn’t getting engaged, today was just a coincidence, I thought to myself. We all hung out for a bit in her backyard with her chickens and chatted up, and I was still waiting for Emily to take me home, cause I was still planning on going to L.A.

Finally I told the girls, that we should start heading out, and Colin’s sister pulled me aside and said she needed to give me something before I left. I didn’t think anything of it so I walked with her back into her house. Suddenly she turns around holding my engagement dress in her hand, and handed me my bag of makeup. Colin had been telling me earlier in the week that he needed my make up and a dress so that I would be ready to change when he proposed. We went out with my mom the night before and picked out my engagement dress so that he could have it whenever he proposes. He told me that when I saw the dress and the makeup that I would know that I was getting engaged. Colin wanted no one else, but his sister to give me my dress, as a sign of welcome into his family. I clearly began to cry realizing that the moment I had waited for, for three and a half years had finally come.

My friends just smiled and told me to get in the car, and that we were heading to Emily’s house to relax. I sat in the car still, and shaking and crying, wondering if this was all real, Alison wasn’t here yet, its not real I thought to myself. I kept looking at my friends to tell me, “You’re getting engaged!,” but they just smiled and laughed at me when I asked them what was happening. I found out later that Colin told them that they weren’t allowed to tell me I was getting, engaged, he wanted the moment to be real for me for when he dropped on his knee, and only then.When we got to Emily’s house I was asking my friends where Alison was, did she fly in? Was she hiding in the house? We facetimed her, and she ended up telling me that she couldn’t make it out. Things started to come together except for everyones cars, how was everyone going to get to their cars? Emily had driven over all of orange county at this point and there was no time for them to get their cars, but they wouldn’t answer me. So all I could do was to get ready, my friend pulled out her camera and started taking shots, and the girls helped with my hair and went out to by me shorts for underneath my dress.

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They said be ready at 530PM, and they gave me nothing more. I was done getting ready by 520PM, and we prayed together, praising God for the relationship Colin and I had, and praising God for the friendship I had with these girls.

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We then got all our stuff and we all piled in the car, and headed to the location. I started to get an idea the closer we got, and just laughed, I told Colin it would be great to get engaged at this beach trail that has a great view of all of PCH, but he made it seem like it was an impossible task.

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When we parked, I saw all of Colin’s best guy friends and brother, but no Colin. The guys kept asking me why we were there, why I was all dressed up, and I just looked at them wide eyed and shocked, waiting for someone to tell me this was really happening. I walked hand in hand with my best friends, and with the people that have been by our side from the beginning of salvation, from the beginning of Colin and I’s relationship, they all walked the beach trail with me leading me to Colin. We took breaks and pit stops along the way so my photographer friend, Destyni, and Colin’s brother, Brian, could film and take pictures, and each moment my heart stopped thinking it was finally here the BIG MOMENT. We were reaching the final stop of the beach trail, and I still haven’t seen Colin yet. I walked up the small dirt hill that lead to the ocean view where Colin was standing, but Colin was blocked by the bushes. I just stopped as I held my best friends hands, and just cried, I said out loud to myself, “Three and a half years..,” that’s all I could say, all I could think about, I waited what it seemed like forever at this point, to hear my best friend ask me to marry him, and spend forever with him, I had to take it all in.

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I walked closer and I finally saw his lovely face, aaaand he looked adorable, holding flowers, he clearly grabbed in the bushes behind him.

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He was just waiting for me with anxiousness, I could see his foot pattering on the dirt of the hill with God’s beautiful creation beaming behind him. I stopped and stared at him, at the top of the hill, “this was it” I thought to myself. I finally let go of my best friends hands and walked down to him, still thinking this was all a joke. The closer I walked towards him I realized he shaved and had his glorious mustache only, it made me so happy, he did everything I wanted and more. I stood in front of him and he smiled at me, he gave me the flowers he had in his hand, and looked at me with his big eyes and told me he loved me. I saw his eyes tear up a little, as he told me that he loved me more today than ever before, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. The CLIMAX, the moment I waited for, I saw him drop that glorious knee, as he asked me to marry him. I shook my head yes and cried my heart out, probably, because I was tossed around emotionally and mentally that day, and also I get to spend the rest of my life with this gorgeous man, who I call my best friend.

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As he got up to put the ring on my finger, but I hugged him instantly, and just didn’t want to let go, I had to touch him to make sure this was real. The whole day felt like a dream, everything I wanted came true, everything I wanted was fulfilled and done, and then I had this moment to remember forever. I didn’t even look at the ring for a couple minutes, I just held him, and he held me, I’ll remember that moment and praise God for giving me a good hugger of a man. Finally we looked at each other again and his shaking hands put the ring on my finger, and we kissed as the Future Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe!

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We heard our family of friends cheer for us and run down the hill and that’s when I realized I was getting engaged! They circled us and they cheered, and the rest was history. We are ready to get married and have a glorious fiesta, to celebrate the fact that God gave us the gift of each other, I can’t believe I get to spend forever with my best friend.

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But the story isn’t over. There were so many questions that needed to be answered! How were all my friends going to get their cars back? What are we doing next? I asked Colin to spill the beans already! Finally, Colin told me that he had been with me all throughout the day. He had been picking up my friends cars and bringing them back to his house, and some of the other girls got dropped off at their locations. He had spent the whole day with me without knowing. He then looked at me with a big smile, and said, “Guess what else is happening?” I asked him to tell me! I couldn’t take anymore secrets! He said that my family and his family and more friends, plus FOOD, were waiting for us at his house and everyone was going to head over there to party and celebrate! Along with the fact that we got to ride in his moms vintage blue Brono, because he was in such a panic on his way to the proposal that he lost his keys. We drove off on our own and went to take our own pictures and just be alone before we entered into the chaos of people again. I was finally with my best friend, and although we got engaged we were being silly and driving around Dana Point, enjoying the weather and the fact that we could finally be rest assured that we are striving for marriage together. He also told me that the sleepover wasn’t a lie and that I was going to go over to my friends house to stay the night with all my friends. Its like he loves me or something? Overall the day was beautiful, and it reminded me most of all of Christ. This was the beginning of our adventure and he spent the day serving me and my friends, and family, he thought of others and sacrificed to make everyone enjoy the day just as much as we could enjoy it. He was nothing, but an example of the husband I have been praying and waiting for, he was never this guy in the beginning of our relationship, and I am grateful that God showed me how ABLE He is to change and grow an ordinary boy, in an extraordinary future husband. I love you Colin Radcliffe and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

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