Angela and Cody

Proposal Ideas On the Sauk River in central MN

How We Met

I started a new job in March of 2013. About a year after that I got to know a new co-worker and she and her boyfriend at the time were on a mission to set me up. August of that year, the day of my 10-year class reunion I opted out of going to, we went on a double date. We decide to go bowling and Cody was fashionably late, but only by about 10 minutes.

I knew he was tall but I had not seen a picture of him. My friend’s boyfriend worked with Cody and just said he was a nice guy that I would probably get along well with.

We had a good dinner and then went bowling. Cody got up from the booth before me and there is a step-down and as he walked away I thought to myself “he’ll never go out with me. He’s like a foot taller than me”. He’s just over 6 feet and I’m 5 feet on a good day. Well, I was worried for nothing.

We had a great night, exchanged numbers and two days later met to go rollerblading. We hung out off and on until January 2015 when we finally decided to call it what it was. This was also when life slowed down for him since he was going from two jobs to just one. He always made time for me no matter how busy he was.

How They Asked

We had wanted to get out on our kayaks but just couldn’t find the time. Cody had a Thursday off and I was able to take off also so we got to go. We got up early and headed about 30 minutes west to the Sauk River that isn’t quite as intimidating as the Mississippi. We had just bought my kayak so this was the first adventure for me.

We had brought lunch so about halfway through our trip we found some logs and weeds to keep us in place. When we were finished eating he asked me to hold onto his kayak. To my surprise, he wanted to keep the waterproof box in his boat (more room in mine) and he was digging through that. He carefully maneuvered so he was now kneeling on both knees on the seat of his kayak. He pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes! He put it on my finger and he pulled out his phone so we could take pictures. I was super surprised but hoping it was coming soon.

I held my paddle tight and always checked to make sure the ring hadn’t moved the rest of the way back to land. We had to drive separate home because of the two different points on the river but when we met at home we notified our family and friends.