Angela and Christopher

Angela's Proposal in The Bearded Lady Bar Brooklyn New York

How We Met

Chris and I met for the first time when I was 21 and he was 26. We were in totally different points in our lives and paid little to no attention to each other. When I was about to turn 23 and Chris 28, we started to hang out with a set of friends that were dating. Christopher was different than any other guy I ever spoke to. He wanted to take me out often. I was studying for a huge test for my masters degree at the time and was playing a little bit of hard to get.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Bearded Lady Bar Brooklyn New York

One night, Chris asked me to go out and I said no. After that night out, Chris uploaded a picture discussing the best cookies. The jealousy in my came out and I sent a little text saying that Chips a Hoy stuffed with brownie were really the best cookies. The next day, those cookies along with a good luck on my test card appeared on my car and the rest is history.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Bearded Lady Bar Brooklyn New York

how they asked

On May 20, 2017, I woke up to a rainy day. Instantly, I wanted to change our plans of eating brunch outside in Brooklyn at one of Chris’ friend’s bars. He was adamant that we had to go and deserved a date and day out in Brooklyn like we use to do and haven’t had a chance to in a while. As I got dressed, my sisters kept passing comments “That is what you are wearing?” “That is how you are wearing your hair?”, but at the time I thought it was just my normal sister conversation and nothing more. On the way to Brooklyn a million things happened. I wear my mom’s ring every day (well use to) and it fell off in Chris’ car. He started to freak out and we could not find it for a long time. Trusty google had an entire article about girls who lose their rings in his type car, we found it, and were on our way. Little did I know why Chris was so determined to find that ring!

We got to Brooklyn and ate brunch at one of Chris’ friends’ bars- Abilene. Clearly I had no idea what was to come because I ordered total fat date food- chicken and waffles and onion rings. After brunch Chris asked if I was up to go to another bar, The Bearded Lady, which is where one of our first dates were. I agreed and we head over there, me still clueless. When we got to The Bearded Lady, Chris’ friends that own it all happened to be there. We were all hanging around and talking when Chris spun me around to face him. He started talking about how he knew today wasn’t the best day weather wise but he was still determined to come to Brooklyn. I started to interject and Chris gave me a “please just listen face.” He continued to say how our first date was here at this bar and as we were sitting there I taught him how to use my epi pen (I have a severe nut allergy).

On our first date I trusted him to save my life and he was now wondering if I would spend the rest of my life with him! (GASP!) I saw Chris reach for his pocket and pulled out the most perfect rose gold oval engagement ring for me. I don’t even think I said yes or gave Chris my hand right away. A million emotions poured over me. I now understood why my sisters were concerned about my outfit and hair. I now understood why Chris was determined to find my mom’s missing ring. I now understood why the crappy weather could not ruin our plans.

As we kissed and I finally said yes, the bar broke out in cheers. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne from the bartender and some pictures in the booth where we had sat on our first date 3 years earlier. I began facetiming my family and closest friends. I found out my younger sister knew and everyone else acted clueless. One of my sisters lives in Long Beach Island NJ which is about 1.5 hours away.

When I hung up with her I asked Chris if she was going to come to Staten Island to celebrate. He said no and that we would see them tomorrow. We finished up our champagne and headed to Staten Island to hopefully see my mom before she left for work. On a car ride full of selfies, singing, kisses, and reflections on this amazing proposal that showcased how thoughtful Christopher is, I was again blindsided. We pulled up to Chris’ house and he told me he made me something in the backyard. Chris is totally crafty so having made something for me, is very reasonable. As we opened the back gate, there stood my family, friends, and co workers.

Chris had been cleaning the yard for a few weeks, but told me it was for his mom to have a party this summer. He also told me there was a major bug infestation that he had to spray for, so we couldn’t hang out in the yard a few days prior. (ALL VERY BELIEVABLE) Instantly, there were tears and hugs.

My best friends decorated Chris’ backyards with every picture we ever took together. My cousins hung giant engagement ring balloons. My sister had the t-shirt made I had tagged her in months earlier that I said I would want whenever we got engaged. My future sister in law came up with amazing slogans using Chris & my nicknames and placed them on shirts. “the hunt is over I found my MOOSE” and “my PANTS are officially on”.

We celebrated with champagne, pizza, and good friends. (oh and the rain cleared up!) A day of rain turned into the most amazing day of my life. Chris is the man of my dreams and our proposal and proposal pop party was everything I could have asked for and more. Chris said it best in his proposal, I trusted him with my life three years ago and now I am totally ready to spend the rest of my life with him. We are planning a November 2018 wedding in NYC. #ScalafaniSoirèe #MooseandPants

Angela and Christopher's Engagement in The Bearded Lady Bar Brooklyn New York

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