Angela and Chris

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How We Met

We first met in Lyons Creek Middle School when we were 12 years old. While I thought Chris was cute, he was scared of girls. He demonstrated this by being mean to me, which is why when I saw his profile on Facebook 15 years later, I messaged him asking: “Remember how you used to bully me in middle school?” Thankfully, we had overcome his fear of the opposite sex and that conversation was all it took to rekindle our relationship. Thank God for social media!

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how they asked

“He had been acting weird all morning. He was incredibly hyper for 9 am and was pacing back and forth in his cousin’s apartment where we were staying during our visit to NYC. He had rushed to get ready, and was insisting I would do the same. I didn’t understand why he was in such a rush to make it to the skating rink by 11 am. We WERE on vacation after all…” “She is one of those girls that can get ready in five minutes. That’s why I couldn’t believe she was taking so long to do her hair, today out of all days! As we were walking to the rink, I was so nervous, I began speed-walking and left her behind without even noticing. I had been planning this surprise with my cousin for weeks, and the time had finally come. My hands shook as I put on my skates. the cold wasn’t helping either…” “…I noticed Chris getting on the skating rink before me and thinking, ‘maybe he left me behind because he just couldn’t wait to skate’. I saw him wobbling a couple of times before rushed back inside. I recruited help to get my skates on as tight as possible so I wouldn’t look like him on the ice…” “ …‘We gotta think of something else, I can’t go through with this!’ I said, in panic as I came back inside.

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I couldn’t believe this had been my grand idea! The second I got on the ice I almost fell! The rink attendant sat me down to tighten my laces and comforted me by insisting it would be the solution, and that if the children outside were happily skating, I could do so as well…” “…I met Chris on the ice as he was struggling to stand up straight.

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We held hands as we wobbled our way through the 15 toddlers that were putting us to shame. I was admiring the breathtaking view of the Hudson river when I heard our song…” “…I chose this song because it always brings joy to our hearts whenever we hear it. While Angela used to travel a lot for work, the only time it felt like home was when we were together. As ‘Home’ played in the background, I knew the time was approaching. They began clearing out the rink for the new skating session to start. I asked the attendant to let us stay on the ice by ourselves for a couple of more minutes. It was all part of the plan…” “…If hearing our song didn’t raise any suspicions, John Legend’s ‘All of me’ definitely gave it away.

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It all made sense! The way he had acted in the morning, the rush to get to the rink, our friends flying into New York to be with us for the weekend. I looked around, and we were the only ones left on the rink. This was the moment I had waited for all my life…” “…I opened my mouth to speak, but the words wouldn’t come out. I was looking at the most amazing woman in the world, and I couldn’t believe I was here, holding her hand, looking into her eyes and about to ask her to marry me. My emotions overwhelmed me… “…I knew everything he wanted to say by just one look in his eyes. It was a surreal moment when love stared at me, and Love stared back. It was a speechless instant where every word of affirmation and unconditional love was poured into my spirit all at once. How much must God love me to give me this man to cherish me as he does?

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As he made his proposal, there was no doubt in my mind that he would keep his promise to love me and protect me forever…” “…I don’t remember a single word I said. I just know I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life until that moment came. I wiggled my way down to one knee and waited for and answer… SHE SAID YES!

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