Angela and Al

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How We Met

Surprisingly my fairy tale began online. Al tells the story we met at a local restaurant, Relish, which technically is true. There, our laughs carried on until we closed the place down. Much like our story unfolds we wandered to the next place…Months flew by, we were inseparable and willing to learn more about ourselves more than ever before! Both older, I’d like to think wiser but probably more set in our ways, we were ready to make serious commitments to each other.

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I have a camper and was learning how to pull & park it all on my own, Al by my side. Memorial Day snuck up on us & Al said let’s take it to the beach. I thought with such short notice, this was never going to happen. In true Al fashion, he rose to the challenge. There we were, unknown to us, pulling into our home away from home that weekend. I decided to leave the camper there, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

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I fell more in love with Al every weekend we spent there. There’s something about the beach and camper life. The camper life forces you to get out of small quarters and explore things together. Yet the beach calms your nerves and brings a peace to our lives that is much needed. Al becomes unplugged and I couldn’t love this more.

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how they asked

Now years are flying by, Al’s moving into my townhome, life is happening & everything is wonderful!! I start thinking about our future, we build a beautiful home from the ground up in Raleigh. I wasn’t aware but Al was saving and starting to search for rings!! Now I know Al researched, asked family for permission & several friends for opinions. He has given me the most beautiful ring, a Chris cut, similar to an Emerald but more rare with many crosses, he says they represent all of the paths we’ve crossed together.

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Al proposed to me at our beach camper. We rushed down Friday after work, like any other Friday during the summer. We were meeting friends for dinner, so I rushed to change, cracked a beer & put it on the dinette table. I must’ve passed this table 2 or 3 times, grabbing my beer, rushing to get ready & Al was just giggling. Later I found out he had pushed my beer right next to my ring in hopes I would see it sooner but I kept whisking back & forth. Once I made him confess, “what are you laughing at?” I could not believe what was happening. Before I knew it he was down on one knee, I had tears in my eyes & he was telling me how important this moment was & I was promising to be his wife!!

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The small details were so special to me! Al knows how much the beach means to me & my family roots, he put my ring in a scotch bonnet ring holder, the NC shell that we often search for & then put that scotch bonnet ring holder in a fishbowl of shells that we’ve collected together over the years.

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