Angela and Adam

Image 1 of Angela and Adam

How We Met

We knew of each other in high school but didn’t really know each other. Fast forward years later, we both were at wedding for a mutual high school friend and we started talking during cocktail hour and never stopped talking the rest of the night! I was a “smitten kitten” from then on but not ready to admit any feelings for him. Finally, months later, I let my guard down and gave being in a relationship with him a chance (my previous relationship lead me to believe that all relationships are meant to make you miserable). Being with Adam showed me that the love stories Hollywood creates can actually occur in real life. Adam has become my best friend and I truly could not do life without him.

How They Asked

I was SO surprised! We had spent the day with my family closing up our camp on the river – my favorite place to be. After we were done for the day, Adam and I went up to the Overlook that ironically looks over my camp and about a mile stretch of the river. The fall leaves looked BEAUTIFUL which made the river look even more picturesque. Adam has two of his friends set up pictures, champagne, flowers, and a hand written note on one of the decks at the overlook. Those same friends hid within a group of people and were able to capture the moment of when Adam got down on one knee. It could not have been a more gorgeous day!