Angel and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met when we were 6 and 4 when my family moved into the same neighborhood that he and his family lived in. We grew up just a block away on the same street and his sister was my best friend and we were inseparable. We played together nearly everyday, riding bikes, climbing trees, and even pretend house in which we pretend wed probably 100 times over the course of our childhood. We actually dated in our early 20’s and finally tied the knot for real in our 30’s, needless to say after much anticipation from our families.

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how they asked

We dated on and off for about 3 years and eventually moved in together in 2011. Michael proposed to me April 23, 2016 on my birthday in front of our family and friends at the Davenport Hotel where we gathered for what I thought was a birthday dinner. When the server led me back to the banquet room I was shocked and overjoyed to see so many people there for dinner except I didn’t see Michael. Still I made my way around the room greeting and thanking everyone for coming and as I reached the door I still hadn’t seen Michael.

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Next thing I see was Michael walking through the door in a suit and 2 dozen red roses, my first thought was that he was overdressed for dinner! Then he knelt down and pulled out a ring box and finally I connected all the dots. He said he has loved me ever since we were kids and asked me to marry him. And I said “Of course I will!” I was feeling shock and awe to have such a pure love.

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