Angel and Isaac

How We Met

Isaac and I met before my sophomore year and his senior year of high school. It was love at first sight and he took me on my first official date – homecoming. He graduated early to go play football at the University of Utah whild I still had two and a half more years of high school. Throughout the next 5 years we dated on and off, him living the life of a college athlete and me volunteering and doing pageants, we didn’t see each other very often living almost 6 hours away from each other. However we always stayed close. I ended up transferring colleges to my hometown, where I was closer to Isaac and we eventually started dating again. We had always talked about marriage but now it seemed that our paths had crossed and would never separate again (finally!). He is the biggest sweetheart and treats me the way every girls dreams of – I can’t wait to marry my best friend!



how they asked

Being a Captain on the football team, Isaac has the job of hosting recruits on the weekends, showing them the campus and what life is like being a college athlete. A few weeks before the proposal, he told me he was hosting a married player who was bringing his wife, and that the coaches thought it would be good for me to come along to accompany the wife (an elaborate set up to throw me off from the proposal). Fast forward to a few weeks later, I was told we would again be hosting a player with a girlfriend so I thought nothing of it. The video does a great job of telling the rest of the story. Believe me when I say I lucked out, not many tough football players are also hopeless romantics. My guy is one of a kind.

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