Angel and Caden

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How We Met

Caden and I met at a bar in Manhattan Beach back in March of 2016, we were both vying for the attention of the bartender so we could order our drinks. Small talk started happening, but before I could order a drink, the girls were ready to rally up and go to the next bar. When I told Caden goodbye, assuming he’d ask for my number… that’s exactly what I got, a goodbye. I decided to not really give him a choice and essentially shoved my phone number down his throat LOL. Something we always say is, “shoot your shot” – so I did exactly that.

To my surprise, he randomly Facetimed me a few weeks later and that’s when I discovered he was attending school in Austin and not an LA local which is why he took so long to call in the first place. That single Facetime turned into 3 hours, which was followed by nightly 5-hour Facetimes for months until we finally decided to make it “official” with his move back to LA in August of 2016.

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How They Asked

We have been dating nearly 6 years at this point, so the last 12 months have really just been me dropping not-so-obvious hints that I have BEEN ready for this! All of 2021, I could’ve suspected it to happen at any point since we were in 8 weddings that year alone!! We started becoming the running joke of our group, “always the bridesmaid and never the bride” and boy was I ready to change that. I never missed a nail appointment, I always made sure to have a decent outfit on if we had a weekend for plans, and I harassed all my best friends to see if they’d drop me any hints. Spoiler alert, they didn’t – bravo.

On Friday, December 3, 2021, we had friends in town visiting for the weekend. I still had some work to wrap up before meeting up with our friends to wine taste in Malibu, so they had gone ahead and left Caden and me behind. To me, this was just any other day, but to everyone around me (more coming on that later) this was the day I had been waiting MONTHS for. I’m a little bit of a Type-A personality, so when it came to planning the latter half of our day, I recommended we do a sunset wine taste at Rosenthal Wines off PCH then head to our dinner reservations in Venice afterward to account for the nightmarish LA traffic… little did I know I had just planned my own surprise engagement party.

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Around 3 pm, we got into the car to head to Rosenthal Wines. Caden and I joke that the majority of our relationship has been spent in a car (we love road trips), so we are huge podcast junkies. Radiolab by WNYC particularly is our favorite podcast. I was texting updates to my girlfriend when we hit the road to meet them at Rosenthal, letting her know where we were nearly every few minutes because of the traffic changing so often in LA. Halfway through our drive, Caden said he wanted to show me a podcast he had been working on (this isn’t totally out of the norm for him, as he works in Communications and does production projects all the time.) He hit play, and the Radiolab intro started playing… if you know Radiolab, you know it has a very unique and distinct intro – so I was SHOCKED! I squealed, “You landed a Radiolab podcast collaboration?!” as I eagerly listened and he smiled widely.

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Our favorite episode “Rocked by Doubt” produced by Lulu Miller started playing, and that’s when I started getting confused because it was an episode we had heard before. The episode essentially discusses differences as individuals and how they can alter or strengthen relationships, and when we listened to this episode for the first time together it opened up a whole new level of connection and transparency, and it was this episode alone that I think showed the both of us how much we were falling in love with on another. Our favorite snippet from the episode played with a sentence that has resonated with us both and it was this: “love is a choice, after a certain point we just chose that we were going to love each other anyway.” It then cut back to Lulu Miller who said “After that episode aired, we had a listener tell us that that Podcast changed his life forever. Here’s Caden to tell us more”

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I looked at Caden like I had just seen a ghost, and asked, “What’s happening?” to which he responded, “You know what’s happening.” At this point, I was going in and out of consciousness as reality was settling in, the podcast continued with Caden saying sweet nothings, then it cut one last time to a recording of Caden asking my parents for permission to marry me. I was in full tears from here on out, knowing exactly what was about to happen. We had pulled over to the side of the road, he asked me to get out of the car and walked me to the beach where he finally bent the knee and asked the question I had been waiting 6 years for.

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Following the beach proposal, we still had to go meet our friends we had plans with – and just when you think the surprises stop here they don’t. We arrive at Rosenthal Wines and there waiting for us were our closest friends and family who flew in from all over to celebrate our engagement!!

It was the most epic and ‘us’ way that Caden could’ve asked me to spend forever with him. Via pod-posal, half in a car, half on a beach, then wrapped up surrounded by people we love. Here’s to a lifetime of road trips, podcasts, and a whole lotta’ love!

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Special Thanks

Megan Goucher
 | Photographer
Rosenthal Wines
 | Engagement Party