Angel and Brandon

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Wow omg I’ve been reading different stories on here for so long and now I get to share my own!! None of this even feels real yet but I am super excited to share with you guys what happened just 1 week ago. I’ll start off by introducing two of the main characters (other than us), Sam and Kasie, and just stating a fact, which is that pizza is my favorite thing on planet earth – there, I said it. Sam is my best guy friend from college and he’s engaged to Kasie, who is one of my closest girl friends and they both live in San Diego (we’re in LA). So, about 6 weeks ago Brandon (my bf/new fiance) told me that he and Sam were going to plan a couples trip with us all to go up to Napa and go wine tasting. It worked out well with timing because I was already going up to SF for a bridesmaid fitting for one of my other best friend’s wedding and Sam and Kasie were coming up for cake tasting and wedding band shopping for themselves. So we decided that once that was all done around noon on Saturday and then wed all meet in Napa afterwards for a day and a half of wine country fun.

Sam and Brandon decided that they wanted to plan the whole thing themselves – Obviously was not a good idea in my opinion because Brandon is a TERRIBLE planner, but I figured Sam would just take the reigns so I just let it be. I love Brandon to death but he is such a bad planner it’s almost comical. A few days before, Sam and I were talking and he was telling me that the restaurant in the hotel has AMAZING pizza. I couldn’t wait to try it – I was literally counting down the hours…because pizza. The plan was to meet for a 6 pm dinner at the Solage hotel after all of our errands were done. Saturday comes along and we get to the hotel and it is GORGEOUS. Each room is like its own bungalow and the views are incredible. It was breathtaking. Each room comes with 2 bikes too so people can cruise around the resort. Brandon and I hung out for a bit in the room, took a bike ride around the grounds and checked out the spa and different places and just enjoyed a little fresh air.

It was getting close to 6 so we went back to the room to shower and change and Kasie calls and tells me that cake tasting ran super late and they still needed to stop at her grandma’s house so to just eat dinner without them and they’d meet us after for drinks! I was a bit bummed they were missing out on dinner considering we were only having 1 dinner and leaving the next day but B and I were like ‘that’s ok…romantic dinner for the two of us!’. We left our phones in our room per Brandon’s request so that we can just focus on each other for dinner without any distractions and I was thrilled of course. He would be all mine for 2 hours :) Then went to the restaurant and outside next to the fire pit with string lights overhead. We ordered drinks, then obviously ordered pizza. We got our drinks first, then about 10 mins later our waiter brought out the pizza in a closed to-go box, which was very confusing to me, but she did mention when we were ordering that they had to bring in the pizza from another area of the resort so I figured that’s just how they transported it and thought nothing else of it.

Brandon grabs the pizza box as soon as it hits the table, turns it to himself, opens it and says “mmm smells good”…then he CLOSED it again. Then he starts saying all these sweet things about when we first met and how his life would be so different if not for that night he met me and just being extra sweet (because he’s always so sweet). I loved hearing all this of course but I couldn’t help but ask “why are you taking so long to open the pizza?”. He looks at me and then says “you know what, stand up for a second.” I asked why (because obviously this is a bit of an unusual request in the middle of dinner) and he said “I just want to give you some lovins (our word for affection)”. So we stand up together and he takes my hands in his and gives me some gentle kisses…then he says “I would say a bunch of nice things to you, but I know you’re about to black out, so you won’t remember them anyway”. Then I respond with “but I’m not even drunk, I’ve only had half my drink!” And he laughs and said “No, no, you’re about to black out because I’m about to ask you a question that I’ve been dying to ask for a very long time.”

Suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks right in the face and I had that eureka moment where all this weird stuff just clicked and I immediately lost control of my volume control and just shouted, “No. Way!” He gets down on one knee, grabs the pizza box, opens the box facing me to reveal a closed ring box inside and said “Danielle Angela Castillo” and then takes the ring box out of the pizza box and opens it to show this GORGEOUS GLOWING ring inside that was EXACTLY what I had always dreamed of a ring looking like and asks “will you marry me?… and eat pizza with me forever?” My heart melted.

Proposal Ideas Calistoga, CA

A bunch of people on the restaurant patio yelled “OMG he’s proposing!”. All these people start clapping and I start hearing all these clicks getting closer which ended up being this amazing photographer that he hired to be there to capture the moment because he knows how much I like pictures! There was a fire and string lights (my fave) and everything was just perfect.

Where to Propose in Calistoga, CA

After the initial shock, The photographer asked if we wanted to do a mini engagement shoot, so we did of course – who turns down a photo shoot!? I had soooo many questions and obviously wanted to get back to the room so I can get my phone and call everyone to let them know the news! So we told the manager of the restaurant we’d be back later to actually have dinner in an hour or so. We walk back to our room, both living in the clouds, and Brandon opens our door and BOOM – cue waterworks. My parents, his parents, my brother, cousin, closest friends from all around (including Sam and Kasie) – ALL there in our room screaming with champagne and crying and hugging – I couldn’t believe it. Every single person I would have called was embracing us both and it was absolutely incredible. Then I blacked out again. It was insane and super overwhelming, but the best kind of overwhelmed feeling you could have for the rest of your life. There was so much happiness and love in that room as we got to celebrate our engagement with the closest people in our lives. I couldn’t believe he planned this entire thing just to give me the most incredible day of my life.

After we celebrated for an hour in the room Brandon yelled out that he had rented out the outdoor fire pit area at a lounge/restaurant nearby and that we’d take the party there for a nightcap. So at about 8 pm, all 20 or so of us drove a couple minutes to Sam’s Social Club where we were greeted with a beautiful fire pit and 20 chairs circled around it, tons of food that he’s ordered for everyone and more champagne than I could count. For the next 2 hours, we all just sat around the fire, ate, drank, and wound down the night in the most amazing and romantic way possible. It was magic. Finally, right before bed (as if I could sleep) he told me we have a couples mud bath at 8 am he booked in the spa for us to relax together after all the craziness and just to enjoy each other, and an 11 am brunch at Farmstead (which he knew I’ve wanted to try forever) with our parents. The entire weekend was out of a fairy-tale and I was no doubt a princess with the most incredible prince – who, as it turns out, is actually a pretty good planner when he wants to be ;)

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