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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Biggers Bed & Breakfast Hardy, Arkansas

We checked into Biggers Bed & Breakfast December 2,2016 in Hardy Arkansas and if you aren’t aware of this place you need to go. It overlooks beautiful mountains and water down below.

We first visited on Valentines Day and loved the place so much that I told Michael I wanted to celebrate every Valentine’s Day there with him and he agreed on the idea as well.

He thought it would be romantic to take me again for a “get away” weekend so I had no idea that this was an important weekend. We travel to Arkansas often so as usual I packed my normal clothes and when we arrived we ate at the diner and when we got back to the room we were relaxing on the leather chairs, the fireplace going, the windows open overlooking a beautiful view and after a moment I decided to start picking up things to get ready for bed. He then said I got you a gift, so me thinking, “this is just an early Christmas gift” turn around to see the man of my dreams on his knees. I walk over and he starts off by saying the time we had been together has been the best time of his life and he loves me and my son more than anything and can’t imagine life without us. He then asked would I give him the honor of marrying him and I, of course, said yes.

That was the day I said yes to marrying the love of my life.

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