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How We Met

Alex and I met August of 2007 in Mr. Hepburn’s AP physics class at Riverview High School through mutual friends… (thanks Pat!). We quickly became close through our similar love of music and playing Super Mario Bros. & DK Country 2. Over the next couple years, we became inseparable. I was constantly hanging out Alex’s house watching movies, making brownies, ordering pizza, dancing, playing guitar… we had so much fun no matter what we did together. Alex quickly became the best friend I ever had. It eventually came out that he saw me as more than just a friend. I had an on again/off again boyfriend at the time. Lucky for me, Alex waited. A huge party was planned for Alex’s mom’s birthday party in 2008. A venue was rented and Alex performed on stage. I had heard him play guitar before but this was different. I saw him really perform for the first time.

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I remember thinking, “Whoa.” haha He was so talented, entertaining, funny, and charismatic on stage. This was when I realized he might not just be my best friend. But I still wasn’t sure. About a year later, Alex left for Gainesville to go to UF and I began to REALLY miss him. It seems the old saying is true… absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I am a little bit obsessed with Disney and Christmas. For Christmas that year, Alex came home and he gave me a really sweet book that contained all the classic Disney stories. On the inside front and back covers he wrote me a letter. In the letter he confessed that he had been madly in love with me for a long time and that one day he was going to marry me. On January 9, 2010, after about 2 1/2 years, I wised up and we FINALLY officially started dating and the rest is history. <3

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how they asked

For the last three years, Alex has been in law school. Unfortunately, my birthday is ALWAYS during final exams. Alex was in full-on psycho study-mode at this time haha. I would come home from Gainesville every year and celebrate my actual birthday with our families and friends while he stayed in Gainesville to study. Alex and I would always go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and do all sorts of things the week after exams to celebrate. Even though he always went above and beyond for my birthday after finals, I am a birthday brat and I would always joke that since he wasn’t there for the actual day the last 3 years, he better make up for it the year after he graduates. He apparently took that to heart! Leading up to my birthday this year, Alex told me he had super special birthday DAY OF FUN planned for December 11th… my 27th birthday. A few months before my birthday he let me know his mom asked if he could get a band together to play a gig. The gig would be a “birthday roast” for one of her theater friends. The only thing was it was on December 10th. I absolutely love watching Alex perform so I agreed it would be a lot of fun to do a concert the night before my birthday. My little brother plays bass, Alex’s granddaddy agreed to come to town early for Christmas to play guitar for the gig, and Alex’s mom reached out to a family friend that agreed to play drums.

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We finally had a band… The Nutcrackers! On the day of the gig, Alex told me he had to run errands for my special birthday “day of fun.” Come to find out, he was actually proposing to my Pa! He asked my Pa if he would be his “grandpa in law” :) When we arrived to the gig, Alex held my hand and led me to the front of the venue. As I opened the door I was met by a dark room and a sudden flash of a camera. All of a sudden I hear “SURPRISE!” and looked around the room to find 80 of our very closest family and friends. People traveled from all over to surprise me for my birthday- Birmingham, Minnesota, Pensacola, Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, etc. I later learned that Alex had started a Facebook event almost a YEAR before the party planning this thing! Out of 80 or so guests and over a span of a year… nobody ever spoiled the surprise or even gave me a hint that something was going on! Everyone helped Alex to pull this thing off without me even having a clue! The Nutcrackers played their set list. After the songs were over Alex pulled me on stage. He gave me four envelopes that were numbered. He had me open them and made me read them over the mic: 1. “Get your ears! We are going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party” 2. “We are going to see Lion King next summer at the Tampa Performing Arts next year” 3. “Just kidding Lion King show is next week!” 4. “AND IT’S IN NEW YORK! PACK YOUR BAGS! HAPPY B DAY!” I was stunned!

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I am obsessed with Christmas and I have been wanting to see New York City at Christmas time for as long as I can remember! I talked about it all the time!! After Alex gave me those incredible gifts he let me off stage and said he had a song he wrote for me. He started singing the song which actually ended up being a hilarious song that had a few embarrassing anecdotes about Alex, his brother, one of his best friends, and that best friend’s dad. Everyone was cracking up. He then called me on stage and said he had another song and that this one was actually for me. He began to sing and I immediately recognized the song. It was a song he wrote and played for me back when we were “just friends.”

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However, the original ending was about his broken heart and wishing we were together. Luckily he was able to rewrite the ending. He included references of inside jokes and songs/movie quotes/things that we love. At the end of the song he sang “Each and every day I fall more in love in a totally new way. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I want the rest of my life to start today. Because you are beautiful as can be, you are the love of my life. You are beautiful as can be, will you be my wife?” I, of course, said “YES!” <3

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