Anet and Sarkis

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how we met

In the summer of 2014, I saw this guy who I simply thought was cute standing on the corner by my work! I had no idea where he worked, his name, or anything. I just knew he was cute! I saw him for a few mornings after each other. It’s funny as one of those days my sister and I were chatting on the phone as she was driving to meet me for lunch when she asked, “Hey Anet, there’s this really cute guy I’ve been seeing around on this corner doing construction.” I said to her “OMG I know! Isn’t he so cute??” We left it at that! Two sisters simply chatting about how cute that guy was.

A few days later I had to go to the City Building Department to the Engineering Division for work. I saw a guy there that I know. I’ve met him at my spin classes at the gym. He sees me and he asks, “Hey Anet, are you single?” I thought that was strange…. I hesitantly said “Yea… I am? Why?” He goes, “One second…” picks up the phone in the front, and I hear him say “Sarkis come to the front counter there’s a customer.” In my head I was thinking “Who in the world is he introducing me to? This is embarrassing!” Then I see this guy coming around the corner, and guess what! It’s that guy from the construction site that I’ve been seeing. He introduces us and at this point I’m turning red because there’s people around us and I’m thinking what a small crazy interesting world this is…. long story short he took my “business card”. As I left, the first call i made was to my sister, “You won’t believe what just happened! That cute guy on the street we’ve been seeing? He just asked for my number and he’s been working at the City and I’ve never ever seen him!”

We went on our first date 3 days later. He picked me up and we went got some frozen yogurt walked around the area where i work (where i saw him initially) sat on a bench and talked for hours and I confessed that i had seen him on that construction site. The rest is simply history. It was an instant connection and different and I knew this was something special.

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how they asked

So I wanted a memorable proposal, and 2016 being a leap year, I though it would be a perfect time to propose on the one day that happens every 4 years. With the date in mind, the grand plan was to propose on the original public bench that we had our very first date on (and the first time we had frozen yogurt together – we both love frozen yogurt by the way!). The location was perfect…on a decorative street in the City that we both work in as well as the City I call home. The street trees were all decorated with lights and the neighborhood was one we often visit. I went ahead and rented a changeable message sign (the big flashing signs you see on construction sites) and hauled it to the background of the proposal location. In order to park that sign there, I obtained a street use permit from the City of Glendale for occupying that location temporarily.

So the proposal date of February 29, 2016 fell on a Monday. My fiancee teaches spin at a local 24 hour fitness and gets out at a late time. I needed to do the proposal earlier, to take advantage of the remainder of the day to celebrate, so I contacted her gym and coordinated with the lead spin instructor about two weeks in advance to reschedule her date without making it obvious. That itself was a challenge, but we were successful. The next hurdle was to convince her to have dinner and be in that vicinity on a Monday evening, so we acted like we were celebrating a friend’s birthday that evening at a local sushi restaurant not to far from the proposal bench. I also coordinated with a local photographer to capture the entire proposal on film and camera. To do this, I coordinated with the restaurant directly across the bench to reserve a table for the photographer I hired.

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On the day of the proposal, we delivered the message signs to the location prior to our scheduled dinner. We then met my fiancee at the sushi restaurant with all my coworkers and friends and enjoyed a lovely sushi dinner together. Once dinner was completed, I convinced her to walk to the yogurt place with me and grab some yogurt, then offered to walk down the street, where we eventually sat on the proposal bench. All the while, I was trying to reminisce with her about the first time we arrived at this bench together. So once her and I were in place, I went on discussing our lives and how far we had come together, and how much more we have left. While the film was rolling and recording us, the message behind us stating “Anet will you marry me” came on.

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I distracted her to turn around, all the while getting on one knee, and as she turned back around, I asked her to marry me. She cried in amazement and shock, and said “Yes,” and that day went down in history.

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