Aneesa and Farees


Farees and I met through mutual friends after we both graduated from college. I went to Texas A&M University and he went to The University of Texas (long standing rivals).

I was out with some friends at a lounge where we happened to run into another group of my friends. Farees was with them. I was introduced to him but we didn’t talk much that night. About a week later, Farees added me on Facebook and sent me a message. We went on a date several weeks later but didn’t talk after that. We didn’t reconnect until about 6 weeks later and then started to consistently see each other…

how they asked

Farees always knew how much I loved nature and being outdoors and how I especially had a thing for waterfalls. One Saturday morning, Farees told me we would be taking a short trip somewhere and to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. We were in the car for hours and finally stopped somewhere a little outside of Austin. I figured out finally that we were going on a hike! The hike was pretty barren with just a few cacti in sight and not very challenging. I was beginning to wonder why he brought me there, but then after about 45 minutes I started to hear something that sounded like water! Sure enough as we kept getting closer, the noise became louder and more defined. We finally reached the source. Out of nowhere in the most desolate of areas there was a beautiful and magnificent waterfall along with few smaller ones that synced in harmony. There was viewing deck down below but Farees took me up on a ledge where no one else was and where there was an even better view of the waterfalls. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the waterfalls and pulled out my phone to take a million pictures. After I finished getting all the pictures out of me, Farees turned me towards him and got down on one knee. He was so nervous that he fumbled the ring box a few times trying to open it. The sound of just the waterfalls and his voice was enough to make me feel weak in the knees and bring me tears of joy. He told me how our relationship had opened his eyes to so many new experiences, with the greatest being falling in love. He told me he couldn’t wait to go through more experiences with me for the rest of our lives.