Andy and Sabrina

How We Met

Andy and I started talking online via a dating app in early December 2015 and from the first moment we met in real life a few weeks later I knew he was the man I wanted to marry. I even went home to see my mom after our first date and told her I’d met my future husband. He was incredibly funny and able to make me laugh at almost anything, and he was intelligent, gorgeous, kind and thoughtful.

I knew Andy was moving to Dubai at the end of March 2016 so we made the most of every day we had together whilst both juggling jobs that involved long hours and lots of travel. I told him I loved him a few weeks before he moved permanently and we promised to try our hardest to make long distance work. We’d both been skeptical of long-distance relationships in the past, so it was a big show of faith for both of us that we wanted to give it a try. The flight from London to Dubai was 7 hours, and to add to the complications I was not a very good flier. By April I had been out to visit him, and we then made sure we never went longer than 3 weeks without being together in the same country.

how they asked

In Oct 2016 I had a two-week trip to visit Andy for his birthday and had lots of surprises planned for him. I took him to a water park for a day, and we went snorkeling with sharks and stingrays and I did my best to totally spoil him. I was so impressed with myself I had no idea of the surprise he had in store for me. After a few nights in a hotel we had picked especially for his birthday we traveled out to another hotel in the middle of the Dubai desert.

Andy had said he wanted some chill out time for his birthday, and when we pulled up to this stunning resort in the middle of sand dunes I could see why he had picked our location. When he checked in he sent me off to look around the hotel. In reality he had done this so he could discuss his plans with the manager of the hotel.

Our first day was spent exploring our magical villa with its own huge infinity pool overlooking the desert, and then we went off to watch falcons and owls race around the desert at sunset. The whole day was so beautiful and as we walked back from our activities he pointed out a gorgeous white tower at the top of a sand dune. He said he’d tried to book dinner for us under the stars, but they were fully booked so they had fitted us in for a drink instead. That night we both dressed up in our finest attire and jumped in a golf buggy to head to the tower for drinks. When we arrived the spiral staircase was dotted with rose petals and tea lights. I turned to Andy and said “someone is going to have magical dinner here, lucky them” and he just laughed.

When we made it to the top the views were stunning, and there was one gorgeous table covered in rose petals and candles all around the top of the tower. I turned round and Andy said “Surprise, we’re the ones having dinner here”. I don’t think he could believe I hadn’t guessed anything and I burst into tears of happiness at such a thoughtful and stunning surprise dinner. Little did I know this was just the beginning!

A charming waiter appeared and filled our glasses with sparkling date juice, and we took a seat at our beautiful table whilst he went through the menu on offer. Once he had left to fetch the starters, Andy took my hand and told me how much he loved me and talked about all the adventures we had already experience and all the ones we had planned together. He kept asking me to stand up and give him a cuddle, which I thought was strange but put it down to the excitement of our private dinner!

The last time he asked me to stand up, we had a long hug, and I could feel his heart beating through his chest. I remember thinking it was a bit odd, but at that point he asked me to turn around to admire the view.

As I looked out over the desert, there in the middle of a sand dune was “Will you marry me?” written in huge lights. When I turned round Andy was down on one knee with a beautiful holding ring out ready for me!

I was completely and utterly shocked. I had no idea at all that he had anything more than a gorgeous dinner under the stars planned and could hardly talk. It took me a while to just say yes! I was utterly and completely over the moon and we could barely enjoy dinner due to the excitement. Andy was so thoughtful that the surprises didn’t finish there.

When we returned to our villa, he had had the whole thing covered in rose petals, with orchids all over the bed and a stunning bath that had been filled with warm water, bubbles floating candles and more rose petals!

The next day I woke up to a bunch of two dozen gorgeous red roses and for the rest of the trip Andy had planned something every day. It felt like the proposal the entire time we were there! I really am the luckiest girl in the world to have had such a beautiful and magical proposal!