Andy and Nami

How We Met

We were best friends for a few years before we became an item.

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how they asked

July 10th 2018 was our 2-year anniversary. My favorite person decided to end our anniversary date night with this spectacular proposal. It all started with an amazing good morning text from him that sweetened my day. When I walked into the living room, I found a little booklet with sweet quotes and texts from him. After that, he sent me a video montage of our past few years together. The background music he picked was “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. The last picture in the video was a BitMoji version of me in a wedding dress…

Then he surprisingly showed up at our home and gave me a beautiful bouquet of peonies. My favorite flowers <3 He then left again for work but secretly went to this incredible location and decorated it with my sneaky friend Alicia.

Later that day, he came back and picked me up for our planned date night. He told me we’d go get pizza, nothing special but also asked me to dress up nicely. And this is where he brought me!!! He even had my closest friends there, so that they had the chance to be part of our special day. Obviously, I said yes. It’s impossible to decline such an amazing proposal and that stunning ring.
I love you, Andy Candy! Can’t wait to make my bestie my hubby!

Special Thanks

Alicia Bartlett
 | Photographer