Julia and Andy

How We Met

Andy and I were set up by a mutual friend when we were in high school. AOL instant messenger screen names were exchanged, he IM’d me and we chatted every day for a week, until we went on our first date. We’ve been best friends ever since.

how they asked

As Andy and I got older, we developed a love for fitness, and we’re constantly active. He developed his own fitness company, and I worked as a professional dancer. Because of our occupations, we were used to participating in photoshoots and filming fitness videos. We recently had the idea to start a blog called The Fitness Pair, and had been on the hunt to find unique places to work out. We love to hike, and found the trail at Mt. Tammany with a beautiful landscape at the top. We have friends that are photographers, and one of our friends has a commercial drone company. Andy told me that he wanted to try out some aerial shots with the drone, which would make for some great content.

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Despite calling him and trying to cancel the hike because I was afraid we’d run into bears, he convinced me to go and we were off.

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Two and a half hours and a lot of sweat later, we were up to the top. We still give a ton of credit to our friends that carried all of the camera equipment and a drone up the steep rocks! When we got to the top, we started doing different workouts for the cameras to film.

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I faced out over the most beautiful view, and when I turned around, Andy was down on one knee.

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I was in such a state of shock that my first reaction was uncontrollable tears! The moment was perfect, with the most perfect view surrounding us.

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When we got to the bottom of the mountain, a limo was waiting for us with champagne.

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It took us to a celebration with both of our families, followed by a night out with the people that we love!

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It’s been an unbelievable blessing to grow up with someone that I love so much. Our friendship is so special, and it’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed before our eyes and we’re really going to get married. We’re so excited for the wedding & everything that’s to come!

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Special Thanks

Nate Ernst
 | Skyscape Industries
Mike Neilson
 | Photography
Ryan Miller
 | Video