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How We Met: Haley and I have been dating since May 23 2006. She and I were in a high school music theory class. I had a crush on her for a few months and one day I secretly stole her phone, saved my number in it, and put it back on her desk. A month or so later she texted me, and we got a few people from class together and went to the movies. We did that every Thursday for 2 months after that. We never hung out alone because I was too nervous to ask. In May she asked me to prom. 9 years later and we’re still together!

how they asked: Around 3 years ago we decided that getting married on our anniversary would be pretty special. The next time that date happened on a Saturday (the best day for a wedding) was May 23, 2015. So that was to be the date. We agreed we should have a one year engagement to plan everything, so I knew I had to propose around May 23, 2014.

Relevant side-story – in October of 2013 I called and won a radio content. My prize was a one night stay at the Mammoth Westin Resort Hotel.

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As the time for proposing got closer I bought a ring, spoke with her father about the plans, and booked the hotel in Mammoth for the weekend of May 23. I casually mentioned using the radio prize for our anniversary because we never do much for it. We arrived in Mammoth Thursday evening (on May 23 – our anniversary) and I purposefully didn’t propose. I figured that would throw her off more if she had been expecting a proposal. Instead, the next day we went on a big hike to a frozen lake in the middle of the mountains. I found a nice big rock overlooking the lake that we could have lunch on. After lunch, and a lengthy conversation about our memories with each other, I asked her.

She was pretty shocked. After explaining the process of the proposal (buying the ring, talking to her father, etc.) she started crying.

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In August she got a job as a first grade/kindergarten teacher. It is her first year having her own classroom so just about every second of her day is consumed with that. Most of the wedding responsibilities have fallen on me, which is getting stressful as the big day gets nearer. Luckily her mom and a few close family members have stepped in to help.

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Credit: Andy Rose