Andriana and Joshua

Proposal Ideas Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

I met Joshua while in college in a super small town in Upstate, New York. I was at a party when he approached my friend and asked her who I was. My friend told me “go talk to Josh, over there, as she points to a man sitting at the DJ table smiling in our direction. He says your really pretty.” As I was a bit nervous to introduce myself as Andriana, the girl you think I am pretty, I asked him if he could play a Drake song, as he was the DJ at the party. He couldn’t hear what I was saying over the loud music and I moved closer so he could hear me. As I moved closer, I tripped on his shoe and fell perfectly into his lap. What an introduction.

Over the next few weeks, Joshua and I really started to learn more and more about each other and realize that we share similar interests in life. On October 1st, 2013, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Fast forward 5 months later, and we both were in a tragic accident which involved Joshua being airlifted to the hospital for having a skull fracture and bleeding in his brain. Being there for each other during this time strengthened our bond, and eventually, Joshua healed and we both graduated from college. Now living 3 hours apart, and living with our parents, we saw each other once a month, but those moments that we spent together were some of the best times of our lives. Over the next year and a half, we traveled to the Bahamas, went to Disney World, attended music festivals and just enjoyed being with each other. We always talked about moving out of New York and Joshua was given the opportunity to accept a position in Portland, Oregon. It seemed like fate as we talked about moving to Oregon but the chance of this position opening up was slim, and we felt destined to go. Joshua left for Oregon a few weeks before I was supposed to head out there to finally live with him. I left with his parents that morning to drop him off at the airport and then took a charter bus back to my parents’ house. On the way home, our bus was involved in an accident which resulted in me being in the hospital for five days. Despite being in an accident, I couldn’t wait to heal so I could finally live with Joshua- my soul mate. In time, I did heal and I moved out with him. We continued to travel to different states, even different countries like China and explore all the world has to offer us. Two amazing years later, Joshua accepted a job promotion in Phoenix and we traded the rain for the sun.

How They Asked

After living in Phoenix for over a year, Joshua planned a trip to Maui, Hawaii for my birthday. He always enjoyed planning special things for my birthday and we almost always traveled for it, so I had little idea what awaited me in Hawaii. As I look back now, on the plane ride to Hawaii, Joshua opened up a pack of gum and it had a doodle of a man proposing to a woman. I mean were the stars aligned or what? As it was my birthday, I got all dressed up for a nice dinner he said that he would take me to. We arrived at the area where we would be eating but instead of entering, they gave us some champagne and we sat down. A few minutes later, a woman directed us away from the dining area and down steps towards the private cabanas where there I saw a sign that read “Andriana, will you marry me.” I instantly started crying as I was flooded with so much happiness. Six wonderful years I have been with this amazing man and I feel so ready to finally be his wife.

Andriana and Joshua's Engagement in Maui, Hawaii