Andrew and Tarina's Proposal in Budapest

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how they met

Tarina and Andrew have basically known each other their whole lives. Maybe that is why they had such an immediate and trusting connection when they reconnected in 2010. Tarina and Andrew attended the same elementary school, but Andrew was a grade ahead. Though they went to separate high schools, they knew of each other and had many friends in common.

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how they asked

Tarina’s parents immigrated to the US from Hungary before she was born. Throughout her life, her family has split their time between the U.S. and Hungary so she travels there frequently and considers it to be the closest place to her heart. Andrew had joined along on a few summer trips to meet her family, get to know the culture and food…and he also fell in love with the country!

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He knew proposing to her there would be the most meaningful to her so in September 2014, while they were walking across the Chain Bridge over the Danube River in Budapest, Andrew asked Tarina to share his life with him forever. He later told her he was terrified the ring would fall in the water!

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Andrew planned the proposal in such a way that the couple could celebrate at a special countryside wine festival hosted by Tarinas father after getting engaged. Andrew knew that Tarina’s family and loved ones would be there with them, specifically Tarina’s 90 year old grandmother, and that it would be the perfect way to toast to the occasion!

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