Rachel and Andrew

Fieldhow they asked: Andrew and I have knew each other since my freshman year of college, he was a sophomore. We both attended Florida Gulf Coast University and had a similar circle of friends. During my junior year, Andrew and I were in a group of friends that were all extremely close – through hanging out together more and more we found that our feelings for each other were stronger than that of just friends. We then started dating and always had SO much fun together! After I graduated college, we decided to move closer to our families and start our life together in Sarasota, FL.

On our two year anniversary, Andrew and I decided to go to Siesta Key Beach and relax and enjoy our day in the beautiful Florida sunshine. Later that night we had dinner reservations at a Japanese Steak House. After dinner, we headed home – little did I know what Andrew had waiting for me. When opening the front door to our apartment, there is an array of candles lit throughout the rooms, rose petals sprinkled everywhere, flowers and a card waiting on the counter for me. I finished reading the card and turned around to Andrew down on his knee asking for my hand in marriage. It was the most beautiful moment in my life! Of course I said YES!

Take note it is HARD to surprise me. Every Saturday when I was at work, he was off looking for the perfect ring and setting up our engagement with our families. Sneaky guy!! Andrew is the most thoughtful and caring human being and I am SO blessed to spend the rest of my life with him!

engagement night


ring 2

Photos by K&K Photography