Andrew and Megan

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How We Met

I (Megan) moved to Pittsburgh for law school and wanted to meet new people, so I downloaded Tinder. I came across a guy who looked like he loved going on adventures and traveling, and he had the cutest puppy so obviously, I swiped right. We matched and he quickly asked me on a date. After our first date, we both felt like there was something more and we continued going on dates. We met one another’s families and quickly fell in love.

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how they asked

I (Megan) love to travel and plan trips for us whenever I have a break in school. We decided to visit his brother and sister in law in Phoenix, Arizona over spring break. We had an incredible few days in Phoenix, hiking very steep mountains, riding a bike and spending time with one another and his family. I would always complain about the hikes and question why he was making me do so much exercise when it is supposed to be a vacation. A few days into our trip we traveled to Sedona with his entire family where we did the best hike of our lives.

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We climbed Cathedral Rock and as I was admiring the view he asked if we could go to a lookout at the side of the mountain that was secluded. I agreed and while we were standing there he gave me the most heartfelt note explaining why he loves me and talking about our future. At the end of the note were the words “Will you marry me?” With tears in my eyes, I watched as he got down on one knee holding out the shiniest ring I have ever seen. Of course, I said yes.

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