Leanna and Andrew

How We Met

We met in middle school when I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th. We had mutual friends and went on a group date to the movies and continued to “date” (or whatever you call two 12-year-old kids texting 24/7) for two weeks. We remained best friends throughout the years and even spent some holidays and family vacations together. He always had feelings for me but I didn’t want to ruin what an amazing friendship we had. 7 years later I told him that I wanted to try the whole dating thing out and now 4 years after that I am engaged to the love of my life!!! His mom has told me that the reason it never worked out between him and another girl is that his heart belonged to me from the moment we met.

How They Asked

We have a couple of friends who are photographers so it’s not unusual for us to go and take a couple of photos. One of my friends, Edson, asked me if we wanted to go take pictures at Torrey Pines (which I later found out was all part of the plan). We agreed that we would pick Edson up, go take some pictures, and then all grab dinner together after.

Even though we take pictures together a lot we still aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera so I kept asking Edson what he wanted us to do. At one point we walked over to a secluded area and he told us to go back-to-back. He started counting down and said, “Go!” I could hear Andrew moving behind me so I looked down and could see him kneeling in his shadow. He told me he loves me and wants to love me for the rest of our lives and asked me to marry him, to which I, of course, responded (through laughter and tears) “Yeah!”

I called my parents to tell them, which they already knew since he asked their permission, and we decided that we would go home and go out to dinner. I called/text all of my friends and then started calling my sisters and brother to tell them and asked if they would come over later but they all kept saying they were “too busy” so they might stop by if they had time. We pulled onto my street and all of our friends and family were standing out in the middle of the road! As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, Andrew also flew down my best friend from Sacramento so she could be there to celebrate with us. It was the most magical day of my entire life and I can’t imagine a more perfect way for the love of my life to propose!!

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