Kelsey and Andrew


How We Met

Andrew and I met online. He is from New York but works out in the Boston Area every couple of weeks. We met online and talked for a little while and I finally decided to give him a chance. He was out here for work again, and we met up at the mall and got some frozen yogurt. We walked around the mall and talked for a little bit and got to know each other.


The second date a few weeks later, was out first “real date”. We both dressed up nice and he took me to this fancy Italian restaurant in Boston called Maggianos. We ate dinner and talked and enjoyed each others company.

Afterwards he took me to the Stone Zoo in Boston who had a Christmas display. We walked around the zoo looking at all the pretty Christmas lights. That night we took our first picture together, and from that moment on, I knew that this was the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dominican Republic

how they asked

So I had just graduated nursing school in Boston and Andrew and I had planned a trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate! This was my first real vacation anywhere and I was wicked excited! On our flight to the Dominican Republic, right before you land you must fill out all the immigration paperwork.

Andrew began worrying a lot about this and kept asking me “Omg do I need to claim my go-pro camera?’ He seemed very intent that he needed to claim this “expensive” item. At the time I had no idea he was worried about claiming the ring! Anyway, I didn’t think much of it and we went on with it.

To back up a little bit, the day before our flight Andrew filled me in on a little secret about the trip. He told me that he had set up a photo shoot for us on the beach, but there was a really bad storm supposed to hit that week and they had to cancel it. So he seemed very upset that we had to cancel it but he wanted to tell me because it would have been a great gift if they didn’t cancel it.

Again, I had no clue that this photo shoot was THAT special at the time. So at this point, Andrew seemed to be in “panic mode” but I couldn’t figure out why. He kept insisting we just take pictures ourselves if we couldn’t do the planned photo shoot. So this brings us to Tuesday May 10th, the best day of my life.

We were enjoying our time on the beach and snorkeling when Andrew went back into the room, the phone rang and it was the front desk asking him to come down. It was the photographer, and he went down to discuss with them, but I had to stay in the room because it was still supposed to be a “surprise photo shoot”.

He was down there for quite awhile but when he came back he seemed very excited because they were going to do the photo shoot that night at sunset, because there was going to be a little break before the storm. As we are getting ready for dinner that night, I could still tell Andrew was a little nervous because he was edgy and put his watch on backwards! but again, I still had no clue why he was so nervous about a photo shoot.

The phone rings and Andrew answers it, again it is the front desk, but they told him they want to do the pictures right now before the storm rolls in. So we rushed out the door and practically ran to the spot. We get to this beautiful dock that looked out over the water and standing there was the photographer.


I literally walked right by the set up off to the left and had no clue. We start to take a few “couple pictures” on the dock and then this is where it gets good. After the fact, It makes sense why Andrew was down at the front desk so long because he had to plan this special moment with tremendous detail.

The photographer asked me to go stand at the edge of the dock facing out to the water with my back turned. I didn’t think anything of it, I just assumed she wanted to take separate pictures of us, but I was so wrong.


As I had my back turned, Andrew came up behind me with me hearing him, and the photographer tells me to turn around.


I turn around and I see him on one knee!


I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say!


He had planned out this speech and was just in shock listening to him.

Of course I said YES! Afterwards we took a few more pictures out on the dock. I thought that was it, but he said that there was more. As we walk back to the beach, I see this beautiful gazebo set up with a rose petal path leading up to it and candles lit up in a heart around it.


To top off the photo shoot engagement, he had set up a private candle lit dinner on the beach! Unfortunately, the storm that we tried to beat rolled through in the middle of the dinner and we had to cut dinner short.

Earlier that day, we had met and made friends a couple on their honeymoon and Andrew secretly asked them to help without me noticing. When we were walking back to the beach, I see them waving to us and smiling ear to ear and Andrew told me that he set it up to have them video tape the whole thing as well!

This wasn’t the end of the surprises either. When we got back to the room, our bed had rose petals all over it with a heart and doves made out of towels, and a dozen roses.


This was the most thought out and planned proposal I could have ever imagined, it was like a fairy tale.



I am so happy that we were able to get the photo shoot and dinner in because now, we can relive that special moment with all the amazing pictures and video that we have of it!