Kelly and Andrew

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How We Met

In 2015, I became a single mother to 1 1/2 year old twin boys and despite that fact, I held on to the hope that someday someone would walk into our lives and love the three of us as wholeheartedly as possible. I believed that the year 2016 would be a wonderful year for us… of healing and growth, and I hoped more than anything that I’d be able to open up my heart to love again, and that was my New Years resolution.

Two short weeks later, a couple of states away, my friend of 10 years, Jake, and his wife, Nikki, who I’ve been dear friends with for the past 6 years, were hanging out with the man who would become the love of my life… my Andrew. Nikki had been telling Andrew that they needed to find him a girl and thought that I would be perfect for him, given my background. Andrew had a similar story to mine… He was a single father to two younger boys and also wanted a family again someday, but wasn’t currently giving that idea much thought.


So he brushed off what Nikki said about me, until he saw a photo of me with my two boys. The rest of the night he couldn’t stop asking questions about me and was genuinely interested in me, despite the fact I lived states away in California. Nikki sent me a text message telling me about Andrew, along with a photo of him with his two sons. I thought he was cute and looked like a wonderful father, which is something I wanted dearly for my own two boys, but was withdrawn from the idea since he lived so far away and didn’t see how it could possibly work.

He added me on Facebook the next day, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to become friends, and have someone who went through a similar situation as myself to lean on when times got a little tough. We ended up talking… a lot. All day long, we were texting back and forth, and I found myself really, genuinely interested in this man, and it was made very clear he was also interested in me. I found it hard to get my mind off of him, which was crazy, since we had never even met in person. Those text messages turned to phone calls, the phone calls turned to nightly Skype dates, and before long Andrew and I were inseparable, despite the 1,404 miles that stood between us.

I finally took a leap of faith in March and flew out to Dallas to meet him in person… that trip solidified everything between us and we found a way to make the distance work, alternating when we would fly out to one another. In June, I decided to take the biggest leap of faith of all, and pack my boys and I up and we moved to Texas to be with Andrew permanently.


And the rest, as they say, is history. :)

how they asked

Last year, shortly after I had become a single mother, I had a photoshoot done with my two boys to have some new family photos done of our new beginning. Since my life had once again changed, and my family had grown from a family of three to a family of six, I thought it would be appropriate to get new family photos taken again. My dear friend, Beth, of Elizabeth Wells Photography, was coming into town, and so I made sure we scheduled an appointment with her. She was the same photographer who took photos of us the previous year, and I thought it’d be extra special if she were the one to take our family photos again.

We got to the gorgeous location, Cedar Hill State Park, and the photoshoot began. Andrew and I had talked about becoming engaged, and he claimed he had a plan in store, and I’m embarrassed to say looking back now that I even made a comment to him on the way out to the photoshoot that I was a bit disappointed because that day in particular would have been the perfect day to ask me, since my nails had just been painted, we had a photographer present, and all four of our boys were there too. That was everything I had hoped for in a proposal… But I also knew that the odds of him asking weren’t likely since it was just too “obvious”, and that was something he said wouldn’t be the case when he finally popped the question, and he kept assuring me that that day was not the day, and to not get my hopes up. So we went about the shoot as normal, trying to get some photos of just the two of us but that was seeming impossible since the boys were being difficult.

Finally, when we had a moment to ourselves to finally get some photos, Andrew dropped down onto one knee and asked me the question I’d been longing to hear from him for so long.


I was so surprised that it took me a minute to be able to say YES!


But I did, and it was the best and easiest decision of my life. It turns out he had this planned the entire time, and Beth was in on the whole thing.


It was the perfect moment and the perfect day with my perfect family.




I cannot wait to become Mrs. Davis next September and to enter into the role of being a step mama. I love that our story is one of hopeĀ and second chances… That no matter what life may throw your way, there is always another shot at finding that happily ever after.


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