Andrew and Katie

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How We Met

The way our love story unfolded all started with one simple trip to Trader Joe’s. A week prior to this outing, I (Katie) had found myself sitting at Tea Largo (one of my favorite spots in Lakeland, Florida to have my quiet time). When a few of my girl friends came in and spotted me by the window. They started chatting about how they should all get together sometime to hang out. And that’s when Trader Joe’s came up. So the date was set, and I was excited to have a girl’s outing the coming Saturday (something that didn’t happen often)!

Saturday soon came and I was excited to hang out with the girls when I received a facebook group message that not only included My friends but about 5 or 6 other people (including boys). Immediately I felt that I didn’t want to go. “I’m so awkward around guys”, I thought to myself. But the Lord kept pressing on me that I should just go. My best friend would be there. It’ll be fine! So I went!

We all met up at a friends house (where I first noticed Andrew but didn’t want to admit that he was cute), piled into separate cars, and headed out to Trader Joe’s. We arrived and buggied around the store for awhile. While I was walking around with mt best friend, Andrew had been noticing me (which I was oblivious to). He found one of my friends in the checkout line and asked if I was single. Immediately a huge grin stretched across my friend’s face, and a very exuberant “YES!!!” popped from her mouth.

After leaving Trader Joe’s, we all decided to meet up at Buddy Brew Coffee house, where Andrew first approached me. We started talking about worship music and the churches each attended. Smiles were given and laughs exchanged, then it was time to head back home. I left feeling curious as to what had just happened (for guys never talk to me, and I usually don’t feel that comfortable conversing with guys).

Trying not to read into what had transpired earlier that day, I received a friend request and message from this Andrew guy, saying how nice it was meeting me. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I was so excited and nervous, for something like this had never happened before! We talked about what worship music I was picking out for church that Sunday, and what types of songs the Lord had been laying on each other’s hearts. It was a great way to start out a friendship. We talked for the next several days getting to know each other and building an unbreakable bond.

After talking for a few weeks he asked me out for the first time! We were both over the moon excited and super nervous. They had a wonderful day filled with coffee, beignets, nervous giggles, and shy glances. Neither one of us could believe what was happening. No two could have been more happy and excited about what God was doing. We both went home anticipating what would happen next.

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how they asked

Weeks and months passed as God composed this love story. We grew in love for one another and also a greater love for our Heavenly Father. For it was because of Him that we had ever found something so precious. And as time went on, Andrew knew that I was the girl God had created for him. So he began praying and seeking the Lord on what he should do next. I bet you can guess what that was! After receiving my father’s blessing of marriage, he began planning his proposal.

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He began planning by making sure that my family and close friends could be a part of this exciting new adventure. The group gathered at the Van Fleet Trail head rehearsing one of Andrew and mine’s favorite songs that he would play and sing to. And as I and my family started at one end of the trail doing a family photo shoot, Andrew and the group were walking to meet in the middle. When I realized what was happening and saw the group of people, I did all I could do to hold back the tears!

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He played his guitar and sang from behind the group so that I couldn’t see him. When all my friends stood apart, and he walked forward, well, I lost it! I never dreamed that this would happen to me in such a beautiful way. Well it’s not hard to know what happened next. He read allowed a sweet letter that he’d written, bent down on one knee, and asked me to become his!

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It’s amazing what God can do when you allow him to be the author of your life! God knew the desires of our hearts and the quiet prayers for that special someone. In His perfect timing, we found the love of our life!

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