Andrew and Holly

How We Met

We met seven years ago through mutual friends. It was around the time of my birthday and Drew bought me yellow tulips. We didn’t hear much from each other after that since we both lived in different states and he was traveling a lot because of his job. We then reconnected last year when we happened to be in the same nightclub in Las Vegas. I accidentally ran into him and we caught up, but I didn’t think we would see each other after that night because I was living in Portland and he was living in Toronto. It was quite the opposite. We would facetime for hours, not a day passing by that we didn’t talk. Drew then got a basketball contract in China and asked me to come along with him. After two months of our relationship, we said “I Love You” and knew we were meant to be together forever.

how they asked

Drew told me that we were going to a charity event, so we were all dressed up. As we headed out, he said: “let’s grab a bite before we go, I heard the food is going to suck”. After dinner, he “realized that he forgot his donation check” so we headed back to our condo. When we arrived, I was freaking out because I thought I heard our security alarm going off and all the lights were on in our home. As we walked towards our living room, there was someone playing the saxophone to “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and his parents and pastor were standing there, smiling. Our condo was full of balloons and pink roses – my favorite flower! Drew then told me there was another surprise in our bedroom, so I walked over and didn’t see anything.

I turned back towards him, and there he was on bended knee – no easy feat for a 6’9″ guy! Drew told me “I’ve loved you forever, will you marry me?!” After hyperventilating out of shock for five minutes, I said yes and he placed the ring of my dreams on my finger.

Special Thanks

Aleksandra Radric
 | Photographer