Andrew and Elizabeth

Proposal Ideas Muir Beach in Mill Valley, CA

How We Met

Andy and I “met” on Instagram in December of 2016. He messaged me something funny regarding my IG story and my poor choice of snacks?. We started talking and automatically clicked, so corny but so true. We spoke non-stop for before he asked me to have lunch with him on New Years Eve.. I told him I couldn’t because I had to help my family with some stuff, but he wouldn’t accept no for an answer. Realistically, it wasn’t hard for me to find time, since I really wanted to go anyway. (but I’ll never admit that to him) Anyway, I finally agreed to lunch, so he drove to my neighborhood (1 hr away) and we had lunch, while I took a break from helping my family. It wasn’t awkward at all and we couldn’t stop making each other laugh. I’ve seen him every single day since.

how they asked

After about two months or so of dating(Feb 2017), we started talking about how we both wanted to go to San Francisco. We had already planned a different trip for April, so we looked up when the best time to visit San Fran was, November came up and we said…let’s do it! So we booked it. Fast forward to the trip, November 9th, 2017. It was the first day and we had planned to visit the Muir Woods. He drove us through the mountains, supposedly taking me to the Muir Woods… but he started getting lost, which I thought was normal, until I saw him make a left at a sign that said make a right for Muir Woods. Not going to lie, this is when I started getting a little (a lot) nervous. I tried to stay calm since I really wasn’t sure, but kinda had a feeling of what might happen when we got wherever we were going. We finally arrive at a parking lot for Muir Beach, he said he just wanted to stop there for a minute because his coworker said it was a really nice place for some pictures. As we started walking to the beach, I felt like I was literally in a dream. It was a beautiful foggy beach with a rocky-mountain view, the sun was going down AND I was getting the feeling that the love of my life was about to ask me a pretty important question. As we got closer, I saw a man playing a guitar who I thought was just a performer or something. But after a few seconds, I realized he was actually playing OUR song. (you are the best thing by ray lamontage) I instantly started crying, like ugly crying. Andy grabbed my hand and walked me over to the perfect spot. He got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and asked me the easiest question ever. And of course, I said YES!

He then tells me that he knew he wanted to marry me since our first month together and that he started planning the proposal right after we booked our trip to San Francisco(in feb).? I guess it’s true-when you know, you know.

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