Andrew and Eldia

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How We Met

We met when we were 16 through a mutual friend, never really gave each other a chance though as we were both still young. Over 10 years went by spoke about 3 times but it was always bad timing then another 5 years went by and we both had gotten out of long term relationships Andrew added me on Instagram and I messaged him from that day we never stopped talking, we facetime every night and found a friend in each other, we made each other laugh and had similar interests, our chemistry is so strong and so we quickly fell in love, I never understood when people use to say “When you know, you know” but now I do. Andrew is my person and soulmate he just gets me.

How They Asked

Andrew told me to get dressed up for my birthday dinner it was a surprise so he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. So I had no idea what we were doing all week I would ask him questions like what do I wear? What kind of shoes would be appropriate? He ended up buying me an outfit and so I got my makeup done because it was my birthday and this was my big outing since lockdown so I was excited. Fast forward to the day and we checked into The Crown hotel and he organised the most amazing room for us, so I thought we were going to eat at The Crown but then he ordered an Uber and the uber took us to Kirribilli I immediately thought we were going to Luna Park but I was so wrong again.

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We walked down a no through road that lead us to a park facing the harbour bridge I still had no clue at this point because there were so many people having picnics outside, then I saw an aisle and flowers and it didn’t click till I saw picture frames and photos of us along the aisle and I just cried out really loud to the point where I don’t even know what Andrew said but all I did was cry and say YES! It was the most beautiful and romantic setup my proposal co did an incredible job I will forever cherish these memories. To top it all off he invited my besties to dinner and they surprised me at Cafe Sydney my night could not get any better. The whole day and night were magical I cannot wait to marry my best friend.

Special Thanks

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