Andrew and Courtney


How We Met

I had been going on and off Tinder for awhile. I’d get sick of it and delete it and then I’d get bored and re-download it. I had just re-downloaded the app when Andrew popped up. He was very handsome and he has the most beautiful eyes.


I was excited when we matched. We made small talk for awhile and eventually took the next step…friending eachother on snapchat. We snapchatted for about a week when we decided to setup our first date. Little did I know, Andrew was a Tinder newbie and had a terrible first date experience through it. I’m lucky he decided to give it a second chance.


We decided to go to my favorite burger joint in downtown STL, Bailey’s Range. We had a ton of fun. Talking to him is so easy and I was immediately comfortable with him. The moment he left, I was already ready to see him again.


I immediately screenshot his Tinder profile and sent it to my best friend. I still have the screenshot, which Andrew hates. We were pretty inseparable after our first date.

how they asked

Andrew had just gotten back from a Florida trip and told me he wanted to go to dinner. He said we’d go at 4pm so that was a red flag and I thought he had something going on, because we’re not 80 years old and don’t normally eat dinner that early, but I didn’t question him.

We went to this cute, little Italian spot. At the end of dinner, he asked “How much do you think I should tip?” and when he handed me the billfold I opened it up and there were tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at Fox Theater inside.


This was it, this is the surprise, I thought. I was so excited. I’m a HUGE Disney fan and if you haven’t been to the Fabulous Fox, it’s a must. The architecture is insane. We started our walk to the theater. Before going in, I had someone take our picture out front.

I was totally oblivious to what was in store. We went inside and took our seats and I was in the middle of instagramming this pic, when Andrew said “Why don’t we get someone to take our picture in here?” I immediately said no and that we’ll get in trouble if we have the stage in the background, it’s a big no-no to take pictures, but he was very persistent so I relented.

We asked a woman to take our picture, and when I walked back over to Andrew he was looking at me and started, “I love you more than anything in this world”, I knew. I think I responded with something like “OMG, what? Stop.” and then the tears flowed and I blacked out.


I’m telling you guys, I don’t remember a word he said after that. I am not a crier, but boy was this a sobfest. Andrew was on his knee for .5 seconds before I said Yes and pulled him up for a kiss, so there’s no picture of that, but I was just so excited!

Of course as we’re walking back to our seats, an usher says “If the stage is in the back, I’ll need you to delete those pictures.” Yeah…ok. We get back to our seats and I’m on cloud 9, but also like “OMG how am I going to sit through a whole show after this?!” I called my parents before the show began.

My dad knew, since Andrew asked for permission, but it was so fun to have my mom be as surprised as I was. The show began and I couldn’t help, but be distracted by the new jewelry on my hand.


After the show, we took some more pics outside before hopping in our Uber. We didn’t head home, like I thought, we started heading downtown. The uber pulled up to Bailey’s Range. Our first date spot.

We went inside and Andrew seemed to know where we were going, so I just followed. We turned a corner and there were family and friends! My mom and dad, my niece, my best friends.



I was so excited! It was so fun to be in a room with people I loved and to share this special moment.



I couldn’t dream of a more perfect proposal.


Special Thanks

Colby Moore
Engagement Photos