Christina and Andrew

Christina and Andrew's Engagement in Hohenschwangau, Germany

How We Met

Andrew and I met in May 2014, It all started at a City Brew located in Bozeman, Montana. Andrew and I shared mutual friends and he later would ask me to meet him over a cup of coffee. We met in the early afternoon and could NOT stop talking. After overstaying our welcome in the coffee shop Andrew suggested going for a walk.

Christina's Proposal in Hohenschwangau, Germany

Where to Propose in Hohenschwangau, Germany

At the time, we were both attending Montana State University and spent the whole day asking each other about our favorite things. We would close our first date at Montana Ale Works for dinner. The next years went by quickly as we both graduated from college. Now, we have both moved to Portland to pursue our dreams and continue to grow closer through this exciting new chapter in our lives.

how they asked

It was June 2017, and we were five days into our Europe vacation. A three-hour train ride from Munich, Germany delivered us to a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau. We were surrounded by a storybook setting as we were nestled at the base of the Alps mountain range that overlooked the rolling green meadows. For this particular day, Andrew had planned a day trip to tour the idyllic Neuschwanstein Castle that served as Walt Disney’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

With plenty of time to spare before our booked tour, Andrew guided me to the base of the Alps as we move past the myriad of tourists and hiked into the mountain range. We landed before a sign that read “HIKING TRAIL CLOSED DUE TO ROCKFALL”. Andrew looked at me and pushed forward, I had no idea that we were going to be hiking on our visit to the castle so I was confused on why Andrew insisted that we had to see the view ahead of us. His determination led me to follow him as we made our way up the steepest trail I’ve ever hiked.

As we approached the peak of the trail we were greeted with a view that belongs in a fairy tale. It was easy to forget about the tour as we gawked at the landscape presented to us. Andrew pulled out the tripod we had been using throughout our trip and suggested that we should take a picture. I nodded in agreement but promptly returned my attention to the cliffside we were hovering over. I heard Andrew’s footsteps nearing me and as he came to my side; I began to snuggle under his arm ready to pose for a candid picture.

To my surprise, he pushed me away and grabbed me by the waist. I looked at Andrew, a little distressed, trying to understand what he was doing. He didn’t leave me much time to think before he led into a few heartfelt words “ALRIGHT… I just wanted to say you make me the happiest man alive”. That was all it took for a flood of emotions to hit me. I started bawling and didn’t hear what Andrew said next as I covered my face. I peeked back at him as he was nearing the ground with one knee and he was looking back at me. The next words to leave his mouth would be the best surprise of my life “Christina– will you marry me?”