Andrew and Chad

how we met

We first started talking on a dating app. Normally we would not have even shown up on each other’s app because he had just moved back up from Indiana and was living in Grand Rapids, MI. I was living in Jackson, MI at the time but was driving up from Coldwater, MI after seeing a friend. He just happened to be working in Marshall, MI that day and We both happened to be logged in at the same time. He had looked at my profile and thought I would not like him and was about to start scrolling. I had looked at his and thought the same but decided I would take a chance. He said my message popped up just as he clicked out. A few days later we had our first date. We decided we would meet at a local restaurant around 6 pm for dinner. When he got there we started talking about everything and anything we could think of. We talked and laughed for so long the waitress had come to inform us that the restaurant closes at 10 and it was now 10:20 pm. We had enjoyed our conversations so much that we never even ordered food!

how they asked

I had decided I wanted to ask Chad to marry me on Valentine’s Day. I had talked to him asking if I could plan that day for us. He of course said he did not mind at all. Well I remembered a friend had told us about the Prizmatica Exhibit in downtown Grand Rapids. After I had seen pictures of the exhibit I decided that would be the place I wanted it to happen. Then a co-worker, who I told I was going to ask Chad to marry me, said she had always wished her husband would have hired a photographer for their proposal. So I jumped on trying to find someone. Alicia + Harrison Photographer just seemed so genuinely nice through our communications that I decided I wanted them to capture that special moment for us. They had asked me to meet them at the exhibit to try to come up with a rough idea of a plan for that night. I had told Chad I ordered him something that was custom and needed to go over the finalization of it. So I met with Alicia and Harrison and we figured out a rough idea of where I would ask Chad. They were going to act like they were taking pictures of the exhibit and try to capture us there before, during, and after the proposal. Of course that day was one of the coldest days. Fortunately, Chad was still up to go to the exhibit. The whole time I was trying to rustle up the courage to ask. Chad had asked if we could go because it was getting colder. I asked him to stay a little longer. Later he said he was glad he did. When I got down on one knee and asked I noticed how much my hand was shaking. He started shaking too and said yes! He was so happy and said he was glad I had found photographers.

Special Thanks

Downtown Grand Rapids
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