Andrew and Briana

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church

How We Met

I met Andrew at church on Christmas Eve of 2017. He and I had noticed each other earlier on, always catching each other sneaking glances at the other across the church. He was always coming and going, being there one week and gone the next. I wasn’t sure if anything would ever come of it until my dad surprised me and introduced me to him! I have never been more nervous than the moment we met and to be honest, I don’t remember most of the conversation because of the nerves. Within the week, he had asked me on our first date, and can I say I have never fallen so hard as I did that day. We were going on dates whenever he came back from college, and everything felt right. Then the funniest and craziest thing happened. We were going through one of his old photo albums from his childhood, and there I was, sitting right next to him in our preschool class! The man I was falling in love with, was that same little boy sitting next to me back when we were so young. So while we may have met officially on Christmas Eve, our story together started far before we ever realized.

Proposal Ideas Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church

How They Asked

My friend, Ally, wanted to meet up for dinner to catch up on life. Little did I know, she had been in contact with Andrew for the set up of our engagement! She texted me to wear something cute for dinner at the Mission Inn. After dinner was finished, she mentioned having to make a quick stop for work, so I tagged along. As we drove, I noticed we were heading towards my church. Come to find out, her “work” errand was at my church! As we got out of the car and started walking towards the church, I looked up to find Andrew standing right in front of me! I was in complete shock, as I hadn’t seen him in nearly a month as he was away at law school. I yelled with joy and confusion, “what are you doing here?!” He had the cutest smirk on his face and slowly led me to the church. We turned the corner, and I saw our families with the hugest smiles on their faces and knew something exciting was about the happen. He led me to the set up of rose petals and candles in front of our families. The next few moments were a blur as he spoke to me, but then I saw him drop down on one knee and heard the words, “Will you marry me?” The best and easiest question to answer…”YES!”