Andrew and Ally

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How We Met

Andrew and I shared our first date at a bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago near both of our apartments. After living within 4 blocks of each other for 4 years it took the dating app Bumble to finally get us to meet. We joked about the likely number of times that we had passed each other on the street over that time period. Our connection was instant and we both were quick to realize that we had found something quite special. It didn’t take long before we became entwined in each other’s day to day lives and were graciously welcomed by each other’s family and friends. We bonded while attending Chicago sporting events, trivia nights, traveling, and cooking together at home.

how they asked

Andrew and Ally were planning on vacation in Colorado. Andrew knew he wanted to be in the mountains when he proposed marriage. A quick internet search brought Andrew into contact with Travis of Dramatic Focal Point. Andrew and Travis spoke on the phone first and determined that a snowmobile tour would be the best way to get as high up in the mountains without taxing their cardiovascular systems too terribly bad. Sleds were retned through Nova Guides near Vail, CO. Andrew and Travis had planned to make a quick meeting in the men’s room of Nova Guides lodge to iron out any final details and calm any nerves. The plan was set and going well. Travis was on his sled “leading” Andrew to the spot. Ally had no idea that Andrew was “following” the lead of another sled. At the top of Machine Gun Ridge Andrew and Ally dismounted their snowmobile and began the short trek to the top. Andrew was looking for a Nalgene bottle left by Travis as his marker. Between the elevation and the nerves Andrew walked right by the bottle and even within feet of Travis. As Andrew and Ally keep walking, Travis was not far behind. Travis knew that these two were just about out of mountain and they would have to stop soon. Just like that, they came to the end of the trail. Andrew dropped down on one knee and SHE SAID YES!

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Special Thanks

Dramatic Focal Point
 | Photographer
Nova Guides
 | Snowmobile rental