Andreanna and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew & I met on Hinge in April of 2019. After months of online dates, I had gone on what I claimed was my “last dating app date” & on the way home from that horrible last date, Andrew and I matched. He was too cute to pass up, so I messaged him. After chatting for a bit that night, he asked me to have a FaceTime date (which no dating app guy had ever done before). We planned on a FaceTime date the next day after work. That morning before work I had dropped my dog, Mia, a nervous rescue pittie off at a trainer for evaluation. I was supposed to pick her up after work that day and meet with the trainers to discuss our options for a training plan. Shortly after dropping her off, I received a phone call from the trainer that Mia had some serious anxiety and that it’d be best for her to start the month-long in-kennel training that day. I knew this would probably be the outcome of the evaluation but was not expecting to have to be apart from her for so long and starting so suddenly. Needless to say, there were many tears as I dropped off her blanket and a bag of food for her on my lunch break that day. Since I spent a good portion of the day crying over my pup when it came time for Andrew and I to have our FaceTime date I warned him that I probably looked a mess and explained what happened. He was so sweet and understanding and we had so much fun chatting on FaceTime. He completely took my mind off of missing Mia. After our FaceTime date he asked me out and I decided to go on one last online date to see what he was like in person. We had so much fun on our date we just kept adding activities to the date. What started as a quick bite to eat at Cava turned into a walk, a few games of corn hole, a movie, and talking for hours. We have basically been inseparable ever since. We bought a house together in June 2020 amidst the pandemic and Andrew “adopted” my crazy nervous pittie, who loves him beyond words, even after the trainers said she’d never had a man in her life that she trusts.

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How They Asked

After we bought a house the topic of marriage started to come up more and more. Every time we talked about it though Andrew mentioned the new house costs and wanting to wait to be able to buy me my dream ring. In October more unexpected expenses arose when we found a stray puppy on our way home from a beach vacation in Florida.

Needless to say, Andrew had me convinced that a proposal was not coming in 2020 and that it would be mid to late 2021 before we were engaged. So when he planned a trip to the Biltmore for my birthday weekend I didn’t think much of it. A part of me wondered, but the logical side of me knew it wasn’t happening. I didn’t even suspect anything the day of when he insisted that we dress up to walk the gardens of the estate. He claimed he wanted to be dressed up because it was his first time at the Biltmore and wanted good pictures.

After 3 hours of limping around the gardens in shoes that were giving me horrible blisters, I was ready to get a photo at the top of the stairs in front of the house and then head back to the hotel to change. We found a couple at the picture spot who were down for a photo-taking exchange; we took theirs and they took ours. Once we had our photo taken and thanked the sweet couple I was ready to go, but Andrew nudged me toward the center of the railing and started explaining how he’d been LYING to me for months and that he was actually ready to get engaged. After a beautiful speech about our love, he knelt down and asked me to marry him. He had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and to take an engagement photo session afterward. We had so much fun floating around the grounds of the Biltmore taking photos. It felt like a dream. Afterward, Andrew told me that he had my ring made and that when the jeweler posted my ring on Instagram, he actually showed me my ring on Insta and asked me if I liked it. To which I replied, “Stop teasing me. You know that’s my dream ring”.He put so much thought into every little detail. Even down to getting a custom engraved ring box. I can’t wait to marry this man.

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Special Thanks

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