Andreana and Joe

How We Met

My fiancé and I met on the dating website, Tinder. When people think of that, they think to hook up but we were just trying to find someone to go on a date with. We were both out of college relationships and were looking for someone to “date”. Little did I know that we grew up in the same community and knew of each other from mutual friends.

Andreana and Joe's Engagement in Brooks Bar

Our connection was so strong before we met just by communicating through text and by recognizing all our common friends through the baseball softball community. We realized we went to the same high school graduation party in 2009. It only took 3 dates for us to know that this was “the one”. Yes, we met on a hook up dating app but after all these years of crossing each other’s paths, I guess that is what it took for us to find each other and it was at the right timing in our lives.

Where to Propose in Brooks Bar

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A month before Joe (my fiancé) proposed, he just found out that he was accepted into the academy for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It had been a 2-year process for him to get accepted and we were overjoyed with the news. The sad news was that he was moving to Sacramento for 3 months while I lived back home in Southern California. My fiancé loves playing golf and hangs out regularly at a golf range that has a new bar that had opened up. We love going to that bar to hang out, play Jenga, pool and hang out. I had the brilliant idea of throwing him a surprise going away party/ birthday party before he left to the academy. While I was planning his surprise party, he was planning his proposal.

We had scheduled a trip to San Diego for an early birthday getaway and I thought for sure it was going to happen there. I had my nails done and a dress prepared but it rained all weekend. So no it didn’t happen. The following week, friends’ and family’s RSVPs started flooding in for his surprise party and I thought to myself… they must really love Joe (which they do!). I had it all set up; dinner at his favorite sushi restaurant then surprise! My future in-laws did all the decorating and my best friends kept me in the loop when all the guests arrived. We walked in and all my family ( including aunts, uncles, and cousins), friends and Joe’s family were all there.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brooks Bar

After we greeted our guests, he called me up to the front of the room and while holding my hands he proposed to me by wanting to be mine forever and always. I cried like a baby because we are huge One Tree Hill fans and he included that in our speech (we were currently binge watching at the time). I was so OVERJOYED, I cried like a baby and what a beautiful experience to have all of our family and friends there to see our love take the next step. The ring was so beautiful I said “Oh my gosh” because he picked it all on his own. We get married 1/6/18 in Temecula. God is good!

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