Andrea and Trey

How We Met

I graduated as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant in TX. In order to receive my license and start to work, I had to complete a 25 hour practicum. Unfortunately, I had no luck finding a supervisor in my hometown, Mission TX. Actually, I did have someone who was willing to supervise me, but for some reason paperwork took awhile and it ended up not happening. After 8 months of waiting, I had a willing supervisor, but it was in Houston TX. I wanted to get my license already and had a friend who lived there, so I texted her and asked if I could stay with her. Being the nice person she is, she said yes, thank you Lyann! And so I drove off to Houston a few days later. During my stay in Houston, I wanted to “make the most of it” by meeting people and going out in the city. I had a meeting app and met him there. I remember coming across his profile, thinking he wouldn’t like me back, and being excited when he did haha.

We talked for a few weeks and every time we tried to hang out, we each had something come up. Finally, we decided to meet on a Wednesday. However, he texted me that day and told me his truck wasn’t turning on and was going to have to reschedule and would make up for it. I understood and to be honest didn’t feel bummed out at all. Finally, we met on Thursday. He picked me up and we went to have dinner/drinks. We met again on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we planned to go to a bar, but I forgot my ID at my friend’s apt, so we hung out at his place. On Sunday, he took me indoor skydiving to make up for the Wednesday cancelation. I had a great time all the three days, but I didn’t think too far beyond since I knew I was going back home soon. I went back home, but we kept texting back and forth. As the time passed, we both went to each others cities and eventually became bf/gf. Exactly a year later from when we met, I got a job in Houston and moved. And well now, we are engaged!

how they asked

We were on vacation at San Miguel de Allende in Mexico with my family. One of the days of our vacation we were going to Leon for the day. My sister and her husband said they were tired and were staying in San Miguel. I remember telling my sister she was boring for not coming with us, but I couldnt force them to go. When my mom, Trey and I came back from Leon, my sister said she had been touring San Miguel and asked the taxi driver what activities to do on New Years Eve. She said the driver told her there was a free callejonada that was really fun with tequila, music, fireworks and was something we should do. The next day, December 31st, I got ready for our New Years dinner. I remember Trey setting up a Periscope account because he wanted to show his parents the fireworks at midnight. My family and I had our dinner and got ready to go to the callejonada. We walked to the main plaza in San Miguel and my sister and her husband said to wait there while they went to sign us up for the callejonada. I waited with my mom, nephew, and Trey for about 20 minutes. My sister and brother in law came back for us and said it was time to go. We walked to where the callejonada was going to take place.

Andrea's Proposal in San Miguel de Allende

At exactly 12:00 am, I took a right turn and saw the mojigangas (the puppets you see on the picture) with the sign. Since I thought we were going to a place with a lot of people, I didn’t know if it was for me. My sister and brother in law were laughing and recording as I asked “is this for me?”, “yes or no?”. Trey tapped my back, I turned around, he kneeled and asked me if I wanted to marry him. I could hear the fireworks going off. It was exactly what I had ever wanted- not expecting it all.

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