Andrea and Ryan

Where to Propose in Castle Rock, Australia

How We Met

I met Ryan when I was 20 years old. It was not an instant connection, but it was pretty close. My sister and I went on a bus tour around Europe which Ryan and his best friend happened to be on. I am from Miami, FL and he is from Australia as were most of the people on the tour. On day two of the tour, I saw him in the hotel lobby in Brussels, Belgium and he was wearing a Miami Heat hat. As most people would do, I walked up to him and said “I like your hat! Are you from Miami?” He looked at me with a confused face and didn’t answer me. Later I learned he was Australian and maybe didn’t understand what I was saying, but at the time I turned to my sister and said, “I won’t be talking to that one again!” I was clearly wrong because only 2 days later I fell in love with him after our first real conversation.

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Proposal Ideas Castle Rock, Australia

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How They Asked

Ryan and I have been dating now for 6.5 years- all long-distance! We actually calculated it and we have spent a total of 4 years away from eachother. This was my turn to visit Australia, so I went for 3 months. Little did I know, he was just finding the right time to pop the question! It came on a day I didn’t expect. A day that was rainy and we had been out all night the night before. We were tired and I was cranky as I normally am in the mornings. We decided to take a road trip from Melbourne down to the Great Ocean Road.

Since I always plan our trips, Ryan knew I would suspect something if he all of a sudden did the work, so he said he was given suggestions by his mom and sister. Stop 1 and 2 were both places we had seen before, but Stop 3 was a lighthouse – our favorite! Once we got there, he told me he wanted to walk down to the beach and see the caves. When we walked down I noticed there were only about 3-4 people there! I saw that he was getting nervous, so I started getting suspicious. That’s when he said “Do you want to grow old with me?”, dropped to one knee and asked the question I’d been waiting to hear since the 3rd day I met him. “Andrea Sophia Albano, Will you marry me?” And I got to say yes to the Aussie who stole my heart in Europe, and proceeded to ask which hand the ring was supposed to go on!