Andrea and Robert

How We Met

We had known each other for almost 10 years before we started dating. He was my best friends cousin, so I use to see him around at family functions and here and there. Two years ago, I decided to go to London, England for law school. A month before I was leaving he invited his cousin up to his cottage for the weekend and I tagged along. We hit it off at the cottage that weekend and continued to talk until I left and then continued our relationship over face-time!

how they asked

My mother just got the keys to her new house on Friday, October 30th where her and I are going to live. On Sunday, Nov 1st, Rob told me that he had to go into work for a few hours. I said no problem I’m going to Yorkdale with my mom and dad anyways. Little did I know they were in on it. My dad came to pick me and my mom up and my mother told me that we had to quickly go by the new house to measure my closet for the closet organizer guy who was designing it as he wanted to get started right away and made a mistake on my numbers. We got to the new house and I went upstairs to my room (tape measurer in hand) and opened the door to find the whole room decorated: from balloons with our photos and family photos on them to a rose petal walkway, and most importantly my life-size cut out of Bruce Willis.(I have always had a huge crush on Bruce Willis and my brother ordered me a life size cut out one year for my birthday; my brother passed away this past July and Rob thought it would be perfect to include it in our special moment!) I was so shocked the only words that came out of my mouth was ‘No, No, No’. He was hiding behind the cut-out; when I walked in he came around then got down on one knee and asked me and of course I said YES!! My close family and friends then popped out of all the closets and came running in! He had two GoPro’s set up in the room, one for video and one for pictures to capture the whole thing!

Image 1 of Andrea and Robert

Image 2 of Andrea and Robert