Andrea and Richard

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Terre Blu Lavender Farm 25th Side Rd Milton ON Canada

Andrea and Richard Da's Engagement in Terre Blu Lavender Farm 25th Side Rd Milton ON Canada

How They Asked

We meet October 2016 at a friends in common Bday Party!. After been close to each other several times, he said I was chasing him, we start talking and that was it, at that point we were already too into each other. Conversation was great and chemistry incredible. We start dating very much the next day but he pretended I needed to make points to be his girlfriend LOL, couple months later on Christmas eve we realised how serious we were and how in love we were already. This year at the end of summer he took me to Terre Bleu farm to see the lavender fields as I wanted to go for a while. We start walking and joking, I took some pictures and went to see the Bees, I am allergic to them but we were safe and completely alone inside a netted area and he said how dangerous it was for me to be there so I should have a picture so I posed as I was surprise and he start recording me and pop the question I was confused and so surprise I start cryiong as soon as I saw it was a ring. But them when I thought it was perfect he wanted me to posed with my ring and he gave a second one!! He gave me both to choose but I picked the one we saw once together. It was so special and magic afternoon I was over the moon, and I will be all my life with him…

Special Thanks

Terre Blu lavender farm
 | Providing the perfect setting for our proposal