Andrea and Ricardo

How We Met

We were high school sweethearts. He was the guy everyone thought was “cute.” I never thought he would want to date me!! We saw each other from across the room in band class. And that was it. We only dated for 8 months but had fallen madly in love. 6 years later we decided to give it another shot. It was like no time had passed at all. We just needed to mature but the love for one another never left.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Savannah, Ga

how they asked

After a romantic dinner in Savannah (at possibly the most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to), my high school sweetheart wanted us to walk to this park we had talked about. It was a long walk, I was wearing heels, and it was very cold out.

Proposal Ideas Savannah, Ga

But we finally made it to the park. We took pictures of this gorgeous fountain and he asked me if I had enjoyed our little getaway in Savannah. I replied that I had and he told me he knew what could make it better. I turned around to ask what that could be and there he was on one knee!

He had been planning to propose in front of this fountain all along. My twin sister and her boyfriend had come to take pictures and were hiding behind some bushes. It was the best night I could have asked for! I can’t wait to marry my soul mate!

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