Andrea and Rembert

how they asked

Rembert and I got engaged on November 30, 2018 in New York City. We’d been talking about marriage a lot, and I suspected he may propose over the holidays, when we’d be with our families. Instead, he planned an elaborate surprise on a random Friday night that I didn’t see coming at all. First, he told me we were going to a Writers Guild holiday party after work, with a cocktail attire dress code (I later learned this party was completely made up – a ploy to get me to dress up). We planned to meet for dinner beforehand at one of our favorite restaurants, Charlie Bird. As the host was seating us at our table, Rem completely caught me off guard by getting down on one knee and proposing. I politely declined, and things took an unbearably awkward turn. (Kidding. I obviously said yes).

Soon afterward, our families surprised me by appearing in the restaurant – they had traveled from DC & Atlanta for the occasion. After a champagne toast and lots of happy tears, Rem let us know that we were actually going to have dinner at Charlie Bird’s sister restaurant, Legacy Records. When we got there, the staff led us upstairs – where I knew the fancy private dining rooms were – so I thought he had reserved a special room for our family dinner. Instead, 60+ of our closest friends were waiting to surprise me up there with a big party. We ate and drank and danced all night, and it was so much fun it basically felt like a wedding. To this day, I can’t believe that nearly 100 people knew about this surprise for months and nobody messed it up by accidentally telling me.

Special Thanks

Ashley Izquierdo
 | Photography