Andrea and Pierre

How We Met

Pierre and I met in the mountains. I was on the last day of my first solo backpacking trip, a 25-mile loop on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in Colorado’s beautiful mountains. I love the peace and quiet of nature, but after a few days on the trails alone, I was ready for some human conversation. I came across Pierre with about 5 miles left on the trail. I passed him as he was stopped for a water break. About 20 minutes later, he caught up to me and as we were walking about the same speed, in the same direction, we struck up a conversation. We immediately bonded over our love for the outdoors.

We shared stories of our past hiking adventures: most of mine in my home state of California, most of his native country of Spain. We kept up the conversation until the end of the trail. Although Pierre was only in the United States temporarily on vacation from Madrid, when we parted ways he mentioned he was interested in moving here for a job eventually, and I jokingly replied that he should let me know if he ever found himself in California.

Andrea and Pierre's Engagement in Montserrat mountain (Barcelona, Spain)

A year later, I was astonished to receive a FB message from Pierre saying he had just moved to Los Angeles. I was living in Pasadena at the time but we agreed to meet up. The magic of our conversation and hike in Colorado came back and we had a great night eating dinner and chatting. We continued to try and see each other whenever we could fit it in our schedules. After a year of dating, I got a job opportunity in Los Angeles and this seemed like the perfect time to move in together.

How They Asked

On our first conversation in Colorado, I had always said that I wanted to visit Spain. Pierre and I decided to take a winter trip to in January, starting in his hometown of Madrid and then ending with a few days in Barcelona. On our last full day, we took a day trip to the mountains of Montserrat. As we walked through the mountain trails, I sort of had a feeling that something special might happen.

Proposal Ideas Montserrat mountain (Barcelona, Spain)

We had talked about marriage a few times before and even looked at rings. Whenever we hike together we always take time to stop and appreciate the views, both of us love how looking out over the vast landscape can make us feel so small. As we were gazing out over Montserrat, Pierre said he had something to tell me.

I was pretty sure then that he was about to propose but I held my tongue to let the moment unfold. When he got down on his knee, I knew before he pulled out the ring.

Where to Propose in Montserrat mountain (Barcelona, Spain)

I can still remember how much my face hurt from my giant smile, but I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. One of the smaller surprises of the day was that Pierre had arranged to have the whole thing photographed, helped by Barcelona Wedding.

Barcelona Wedding also helped him plan the proposal and I’m so grateful that we will be able to look back on the moment and remember all the special feelings of the day. It was such a joyous moment and we are so excited about our future together!

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