Andrea and Nick

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How We Met

Last Christmas, I asked my Stepdad for a special gift. I told him I wanted an amazing man. In February, my fiance came along with great recommendations from my Stepdad. They have worked together for about 3 years.

how they asked

On the day of our engagement, he told me he was taking me out to dinner. He told me to wear a pretty dress. His parents were in town, for what I thought was the typical “Meet the Parents” weekend. However, it turned out they were here for our engagement. I got in the car and he told me that we would go see some Christmas lights. He started driving towards the ocean. While we were driving, he gave me a card that said: “Tonight all of your dreams will come true.” Little did I know what this was referring to. When we pulled up to the “Christmas Lights”, I noticed that it was right behind Black Pointe Marina, the place where we had our first date. But I still thought we were looking at Christmas lights. We began to walk along a path where he placed hundreds of tealights that illuminated the way. We kept on walking for about a minute until finally I looked to my right and there stood my entire family, his entire family and all of our friends right next to an arch decorated with flowers and Christmas lights. On the floor, there were rose petals. He proceeded to read the sweetest letter to me, he said: “For some reason.. For most of my life, I’ve always felt like I was in a race. It didn’t matter who I was competing against or what the prize was for winning. But with you, there’s only one car on the track, and we’re both in it. One second, I’m driving and the next second, it’s you, and there’s no end in sight, and I’m already the winner.” At the end, he said: “We share so much already… so would you like to share a last name? ” I screamed and cried: “Yes!” This is my happily ever after.

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