Andrea and Marco

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How We Met

We met on the night of Andrea’s best friends birthday, 11/11/2012. My friends dragged me out of the house because I didn;t want to go to a girls party that I had never met. Little did I know that it was the night I’d meet my future wife. Thankfully once I got there I saw a familiar face at the party and went straight over to talk to her. While we were talking I stopped and pointed at Andrea and said, “Wow, who is that girl?” and my friend looked at me and said, “that’s my sister” and the rest is

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how they asked

After months of researching every aspect of the diamond industry, designing the ring, and visiting countless local jewelers, Marco finally found THE diamond. The next step, was to find the best place to propose. Searching high and low on the internet, Marco settled on a sunset proposal in Laguna Beach. Next, he took to Instagram to find the perfect photographer in Orange County. He came across Andy Rodriguez Photography, who he knew would perfectly capture our special moment. Unfortunately, Andy was booked solid. However, the weekend Marco wanted to propose, Andy was going to be up in Calabasas. This was a God-send, as Calabasas is much closer to our
home than Laguna Beach. Marco and Andy agreed to change the location to Malibu Beach to make it all work.

The plan was to go to an early dinner, and then for Marco to propose on the beach during “golden hour”, but there was one big problem, the tide. Turned out that during high tide, the beach was inaccessible and they had to make a last minute adjustment to the “perfect proposal”.

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Andy suggested Malibu Creek State Park, which is conveniently about 20 minutes away from where we planned on having our early dinner. Fast forward to the evening of the proposal. We got in the car with our little Brussels Griffon pup (@SirBrixtonTheGriffon) and headed up the PCH to our favorite spot to eat, Geoffrey’s. We had a lovely dinner overlooking the Pacific with plans to watch the sunset in the mountains. Marco was a nervous wreck, he barely spoke the whole car ride, or dinner, and ate a package of Pepto Bismol chewables. At dinner, he and Andy were frantically trying to get a hold of each other but cell phone signals were very poor. Meanwhile Andy was at the park, scoping out the perfect place, on a hill a mile up a mountain. Not knowing how else to signal to Marco where to pop the question, he dropped his pin, took some brush and laid it across a path to tip him off. Andy crossed his fingers and hoped Marco would pick up on his hints. Back at the restaurant under the table, our pup, Brixton tipped his water bowl over, pranced in the water and then pawed my legs, stamping a perfect dirt paw print on my white jeans. No big deal to me,
considering this was not the first time my white clothes were marked with black paw prints, but I saw Marco’s face drop. So I excused myself to the ladies room to scrub out what I could.

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I came back to the table with a faint paw print still on my pants but Marco didn’t seem any more relieved. Being so nervous, he let me finish his steak, he paid the bill, and we took full advantage of the last few minutes before the tides came up to take a quick walk on the beach.

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Sneakily, he asked if I wanted to take photos and asked which was my better side for the camera. We then got back in the car and headed to Malibu Creek State Park. Marco, popping yet another handful of chewable pepto, drove through the canyons wondering why he couldn’t get a hold of the hidden photographer, Andy. Once we arrived, the park ranger at the front gate let us know that dogs were not allowed on the trails and that we would have to stay in the parking lot with Brixton.

Marco was determined to get this done so he told the woman that our dog doesn’t walk and that we only ever carry him. We parked in the furthest spot from the ranger and carried the pup onto the path. As we hiked on the dirt path, I complained (most of the walk) about my sandal choice and the fact that I was in a state park to watch the sunset.. Needless to say, I was slightly embarrassed about how I was dressed-on a hiking trail.

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After several minutes of walking through the wilderness, Marco then pointed to the top of a hill with one tree that looked like it was something out of an African Safari. He said, “That’s it, that’s the tree.” I responded, “What. Tree.” And he said, “the one my friend was telling me about.” Side note: being that we recently moved across the country less than a year ago, we didn’t have many friends yet. So I took one look and pretty much told him it was going to be a no for me. I put Brixton down,
and hesitantly continued to walk. I sarcastically asked him what “friend” he had been referring to and in a shaky voice, he said, “don’t worry about it”. (Unbenounced to me, I was standing on the sticks that Andy had laid on the ground and Marco realized that it was a sign). Marco stopped walking as I continued up the trail. Marco called to me, “Ang, wait.” As I turned around, he said, “I have a question for you”. He started to get down on one knee and I quickly started to realize what
was about to happen. I told him to pause for a second while I put my jacket and leather bag somewhere safe so they didn’t get dirty or scratched in the brush of the wilderness. As I turned back around he got down on one knee with a nervous, handsome side smile and asked, “Will you marry me?”. OF COURSE I said YES! And that, is how they asked.

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